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  1. My integra is here... ups freight tried to deliver my speakers friday.. but I was not home... gonna get them monday... am so psyched :) I think my room is going to be too "bright" , gonna have to build a dedicated theater room in the basement.... the $$ just keep piling up... :(

  2. Yeah... I'm learning.... and it's also a whole new price point.... this slippery slope of no return.... :P But... I'm already sliding so I may as well give in and enjoy the ride :) If I use these for R and L what should I use for center, surround sound, and Bass??? I am trying to figure out if I could somehow find a way to mount the same speaker for my center... though could be challenging a long flat one would work better for under my flatscreen

  3. I've been trying to post pics of the room... cannot seem to figure out how to do it.... :P speaker size is more the concern than $$... there is really no room at the front of the room for floor standers... I don't know... am getting discouraged... I know this is blasphemy on this site.... but is there any company anywhere that makes a wall mounted speaker that would do the job?? I wouldn't mind a larger wall mounted speaker... say 12"x18"...... but what I use really does have to be wall mounted... floor standers are not an option. I appreciate all your advice.... I wish I could use the floor standers but between the wife and the way the room is laid out... it really is nigh impossibe (at least if you take aesthetics into consideration at all)

  4. Well i actually kind of rounded the measurements... the room is a "great room" the exterior wall is a curved wall with a two story bank of windows.... the space is actually about 17.5' by 22' but it is connected to the 2 story foyer which is about 12'x12' so i kind of rounded the space to guestimate how much cubic space there was for the sound to dissapate into.... the way the viewing area is set up it is probably more like 17'x19' the rest of the space is more to the side... the speakers will not be aimed that direction.

  5. have a 22'x22' room wi 21' ceilings, a 52" sony LCD... need to buy speakers, a blueray/dvd player and a reciever. Am leaning toward buying the Klipsch cinema 10 package which consists of 4 rsx-5 book shelf speakers a rcx-4 center and a rw10-d sub woofer... my question is... do you guys think these will be enough to fill my room? Speaker size is a consideration (wife input) because the room is not a dedicated media room.... i just built the house and pre-wired all the speaker locations on the walls. Also... which reciever would you reccomend if this system is indeed adequate. I could spend up to 1300 or so for the receiver... my budget for the the whole package is $3500...

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