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  1. On 9/23/2016 at 1:51 PM, Fathomgreencamaro said:

    Great setup and symmetry.  How do you get the green tube glow?


    That's how the MC275 tubes come from McIntosh. If there's a problem with the amp, they will turn red. When you turn it on, the lights sequentially light up in amber, then all turn green. Its great. Simple, but great haha.

  2. Damn, I should have snagged a pair when these were on Amazon. I think they were $999 each. Someone posted pics on amazon and the veneer sorta looked screwed up and didn't match color wise and that's why I stalled. Yours seem to be fine. Sweet setup man.. 

    I think that is the most common complaint I've heard about the Walnut RF 7II's, that the veneers don't match. Mine definitely are close, but still not matching. To be honest though, that's what I like about them. I also like how different the orange woofers look against the Walnut veneer (another complaint I've heard), so I guess to each his own. Thanks for the compliment, its been a long time coming putting this together.

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