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  1. Looking for someone near me that has the tools and knows how to dial in a turntable 53546
  2. The '220 takes both balanced XLR stereo inputs and unbalanced RCA stereo inputs. Two sets of high-quality 5-way binding posts will host speaker cables with banana plugs or spades, or just bare speaker wire. This amplifier features a Class D design which delivers crisp treble and floor-shaking bass. It runs cooler than many other amps. And if you run 4 ohm speakers, the 220 will give you an even more impressive 400 watts per channel. Features 220 watts per channel into 8 ohms; 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA stereo inputs Switchable voltage for international use Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz + .5dB Detachable power cord Dimensions: 14-13-16"W x 4-3/8"H x 11-1/2"D Weight: 21.56 lbs. Pay Pal Add 3% I have the original box for safe shipping 850.00
  3. Sidevalve they are gold and they are yours PM sent
  4. Dont see an offer , anyways the 35.00 is firm thanks
  5. Well I still own a Klipsch G17 so until I sell that its my forum also
  6. 175.00 plus shipping I use it for SACD'S The flap over the Optical out is missing but still works just need to secure the cable - I use the Coax output Unit is Black and works good
  7. PM Sent Youthman Also the Dual Banana Speaker Cable Adapters (7) I have listed awesome and a great price
  8. Sealed Selah Audio TC12 Subwoofer Gloss Black 3% Pay Pal 950.00
  9. Selah Audio Prestigio Raal Tweeter SEAS Excel W16 Woofer These would cost 4200.00 Today to have built by Selah Audio Same exact drivers as Salk uses in the Veracity ST 2700.00 is my lowest price , No offers please .
  10. SongTower RT's Bamboo construction, ribbon tweeter, upgraded posts and name plates. The towers today would cost $3100 plus shipping 1999.00 base price Bamboo Upgrade 300.00 Rall Tweeter Upgrade 700.00 Post Upgrade 100.00 If Using Pay Pal 3%
  11. Locking Banana Plugs I bought these from BJC and never used them 29.00 shipped 6 pair
  12. Dual Banana Speaker Cable Adapters (7) 35.00 shipped I used them for 3 days
  13. Auralex SpeakerDudes HD very little use 40.00 shipped 11"L X 8"W X 2.25"H 2 PADS 100 Pounds Per Speaker Weight Limit Includes Original Packaging Smoke Free Home
  14. Auralex MoPads Monitor Isolation Pads Used very little smoke free home Includes 4 pads 12" long by 4" wide. Easily isolates your monitors from your furniture 4 - 12" x 4" pads Complete Set (For One Pair of Monitors) 30.00 Shipped
  15. I might have to go that way , got a pair here some guy sold me and they had hot glue holding them together and he said if I wanted one that he didn't repair I would have to drive 40 miles and give him 25.00 more lol then I ordered some nice B&W stands and the guy took my money and never sent them
  16. you have a pair for sale ? these are heavy
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