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  1. Well I purchased the XPA-2 on ebay , and in the listing it said "The amp is about 9 months old and is in perfect electronic and cosmetic condition. It will ship in the original box, with the manual, power cord and 12V remote trigger cord." Then I get this email In packing it up, I noticed a couple small abrasions near the rear plate. These won't be visible it it is placed in a stand of some sort and would be easy to fix. I probably bumped it while getting it in my stand. So I guess I need to see what it looks like , since the seller already shipped it
  2. Well I ordered my XPA-2 last night , I will using the XPA-3 for the rear surrounds and center and the XPA-2 for the fronts . I guess at this point I will be looking for a pre amp down the road after xmas .
  3. Jason Im looking for a decent kit for Blue LED backlighting what did you use
  4. I have my fronts a t 60hz center and surrounds at 80hz used a spl and set all speakers at 80db and its sounds great used audyssey setup and did not like what it did
  5. [H] Emotiva Im running a XPA-3 for the fronts & center , which I am going to move to the surrounds and center and order a XPA-2 for the fronts
  6. I got it made my wife says the garage , family room , office , downstairs bathroom are all mine to do as I please , lol what else do I need
  7. Sorry there gone , I got rid of alot of pictures today and forgot about this thread
  8. I just placed an order for a HSU VTF-15 H Should be here next week
  9. The last 3 sets of speakers I purchased had serial #'s 1 digit apart , Oh well maybe Im just looking for somthing to focus on again .
  10. What model is the sub ? BluBitRates
  11. Well I think I have a problem , I was putting away my boxes this morning for my RF-7's and noticed the serial #'s are far apart , my RS-62's are not there are in series like 50032-50033 here is what aI got on the RF-7's 260062 050027 Now I dont know if this is a problem or not but I just looked at my kefs and they run in series also lets say like 123and 124 etc same as my Klipsch rears I noticed this issue because one box was really faded and the other was not Thoughts ?
  12. I agree just wanted to play with somthing else , figured I just repalced everything else why not the last piece but for what I would get for it I could not replace it , so I will just keep it Really need to sell my kefs now
  13. http://integrahometheater.com/model.cfm?m=DTR-50.2&class=Receiver&p=f I will probally just keep what I have , I will looseto much and end up with a lower grade unit
  14. I like it , It just looked wierd at first Im thinking of selling my integra 50.2 and going with a elite pioneer unit or a TX-NR809
  15. JasonJCarney thats some freaky looking carpet looks like a ton of worms had to get out my glasses lol
  16. Looks nice JasonJCarney glad to see you got them setup , I just added up what my speakers costed me , There all grade A with full warranty I purchased (2) RF-7 (1) RC-64 (2) RS-62 $3775.00 to the door 1yr 0% looks like I got around 32% off retail and avg is about 25% so I dont hink I did bad , I didnt get a steal but , I feel it was a fair price
  17. My RS-62ll's will be here in a couple days http://emotiva.com/shop/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=94 and picked up some black trim for my XPA-3
  18. Think I should ask for a new speaker or just take some credit ? Here is what the marks look like
  19. Well I never got an answer from vanns on my damage , So I called again and they want a picture again , I guess the first guy I spoke dont work there no more . The guy at vanns said he would give me 159.00 credit back for the small nic on the top edge and some of the side edges need touch up like the black didnt stick to good , all pretty minor I told him I would do it for 250.00 he said he couldnt do that without an okay from higher up all he could do is 159.00 I dont know what to do
  20. Moved my sub up front it sounds alot better Had
  21. Fed Ex Pallet not double boxed though
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300580120453&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
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