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  1. Well got them all setup tonight , found one small nic on the front top edge that could be touched up really easy I called them up they said they would send me a new one , I told them I would keep it if they would credit my account they asked for a picture and asked me how much ?
  2. I slide all my stuff down the stairs , you just want to be at the bottom so the box is comming at you [Y]
  3. Yup... Dark cherry. They are B grade because color. Not condition. Mine are perfect. The price is something u need to negotiate. Not sure why someone would pay sticker price. Did anyone even call for a price ? Because you can get cherry or black A stock for 2999 shipped So why is B Grade comming up ? and Cherry ? Anyway no sense beating this thread to death Im out
  4. Klipsch RF-7II, RC-64II, $2999 Delivered 888-224-3663 Best Regards Mike Embers
  5. I must be blind, I only see them listed for $3198 for the pair. http://www.acousticsounddesign.com/core/view_BigProduct.cfm?pid=1833&sc=57 Ahh, you must be talking about the Bgrade, that are only offered in the off colored cherry. So thats the catch, you are forced to buy that color. Again you need to call them ask for Mike he will give you the best price
  6. I got mine they will be here for the weekend and Im happy unless they have damage from shipping that would be my luck my Emotiva showed up damaged had to send back , My 64 center showed up damaged sent back today hope my luck changes by morning ,
  7. Okay price for the 3 is still 3477.00 and you can get the same thing for 2999.99 from www.acousticsounddesign.com
  8. Thats not a good deal , we are talking a pair of 7's and a 64 center for 3000-3200
  9. Brand New Grade A 2500.00 total to door Who has it for that price ?
  10. Wow, you guys paid a lot. I can show you a place that sells a pair of RF7-II's for $2470 a pair, and the RF82-II's for $1037 a pair. Okay now add in the center Channel , If all I wanted was the R-7's I could get that price from a few places
  11. Just ask for Mike No Tax Free Shipping
  12. Well I called Vanns and asked them if they would price match , after I already made the purchase they said no , They said I could refuse it when it arrives and pay return shipping frieght I guess thats fair why should they pay shipping 2x , but if I do that it will use up my 200-300 savings Guess next time I just need to call around more , dont get me wrong 3200 is still a good deal for A stock but 2900-2999 would of been a better deal . I will always check with acoustic sound design next time arround read below how could you go wrong Low Price Guarantee Our guarantee is simple - and as you can see, short and to the point. We guarantee to match or beat any advertised price posted by another authorized dealer. Our Guarantee is good for 30 DAYS. Meaning, if you buy any product from us that is priced lower at an authorized dealer within 30 days of your purchase, we will match the new price. Our guarantee is unique to the industry - to our knowledge, we are the only company that offers a 30 Day Low Price Guarantee.
  13. Here are some pictures of what One Call sent me. http://s462.photobucket.com/albums/qq349/a1uc/Klipsch/ Now I understand things get damaged in shipping , it happens. But when you end up with somthing like this and call in the damage and they tell you , You need to cover return shipping Wait , I didnt change my mind you sent me damaged item and your going to make me pay return shipping yes sir those are our rules . I did end up getting the return shipping coverd , but they sure didnt want to cover it , I wil be cutting up the One Call card that is for sure
  14. Sure is He sure knew the deal I was talking about Im sure the lady got an ear full he said they lost on that sale 15% in fees
  15. vanns is 3200 grade A and Acoustic Sound Design is 2900 grade A
  16. Okay now what , I paid 3200 and Acoustic Sound Design will do 2900 for the same thing 3200 was 1yr intrest free , but for 300 savings I might have to whip out the visa if I can cancel my order in the morning
  17. I just got off the phone with mike at Acoustic Sound Design and he said he will sell the brand new set with the 7'sand 64 in both colors for 2900.00 shipped this is the best deal so far or 2400 b stock but this is off ebay
  18. You got that 2000.00 deal because the lady that ran the sale on ebay made a mistake , They will sell the B stock like you got for 2400.00 if you call them direct
  19. SKU Description Price Qty Subtotal 542444108 Klipsch RF7 II $1,599.95 1 $1,599.95 542444108 Klipsch RF7 II $1,599.95 1 $1,599.95 548997925 KLIP RC64 II BLACK CENTER SPEAKER $0.00 1 $0.00 Subtotal: $3,199.90 Shipping: $0.00 Tax Subtotal: $0.00 Grand Total: $3,199.90 Adjustments: $0.00 Net Charges: $3,199.90 You have to call and no I didnt buy B stock and the damaged one came from One Call
  20. Sorry for the 1st post I had to vent , Bad enough it was damaged they " One Call " wanted me to pay for return shipping . So this morning I called Vanns and they had a sale going , I wasnt ready but I had to do it (2) RF-7ll and (1) RC-64II for 3199.90 shipped to the door I will have them Fri it was buy (2) RF-7II for full price and get the RC-64II Free
  21. Looks very nice , I just unnpacked my new RC-64ll and it was damaged it had a large dent on the front edge , But before packing it up to return it . I figured why not hook it up to see if I will even like the sound of it , Hooked it to my XPA-3 and I was shocked the RC-64II is worth every penny I for sure will be getting another one .
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