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  1. up and down price was to get them sold faster 1500 was jut too low of a price notice how even at 1700 im not trying to make profit. but thanks for your comment very glad they werent sold to you have a good day
  2. because people were posting on my threads that had nothing to do with the speakers if i can delete the others please tell me how
  3. every body that wants them are on east coast
  4. they are still avil every time they write a post it bumps the thread
  5. if you make the trip i have unfinished cornwalls for 700 with the deal as well
  6. 600 miles isnt that bad i went with my father to get these in texas to sacramento back in 96
  7. i have better pictures but the form only lets certin amount of resolution i can email better pics
  8. the year number on the serial number is 95 1995 build bought in 96
  9. i tried to edit the title and it woudnt let me i did updat the first post though
  10. prestontom like my first post says im in no hurry to sell. and striking up convos with people builds rapport . also the longer it takes to sell the better so i can tell the wife there not sold yet. plus realx its not all that serious and to ceptorman im all about road racing ive spent lots of time with dave moss tuning and racing afm. any time your in cali a thunderhill track day is on me!
  11. along with the sale will come with crown power line three amps a twin pair
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