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  1. Thanks for the confirmation! I have ordered the following from Amazon, I hope they are good quality and will fit the bill! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004677D12/
  2. Here is a picture of the back where you will have to de-solder the old caps...
  3. I have the ProMedia 5.1 humming/buzzing issue when I power on, regardless of speakers attached and I've tried numerous outlets and power cables. When switching to "HP" (headphone mode) I do not get the buzzing. When speakers are plugged in, they hum too. Sub hums regardless unless HP is enabled on control unit. Having said that, I hope this post resolves my issue! I took amp apart by taking out screws along the orange line surrounding the back plate. I then took the unit out, unplugged the sub +/- leads, and examined the board. Attached is a picture of the 100mFd 35v caps referenced in the post, I believe. Please confirm this is correct and I will proceed going to Radio Shack! I've done soldering before, the space is tight but do-able. Thanks again and I hope it resolves my issue!
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