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  1. I actually own several and they are very nice shirts. The quality is very nice and the subject is also very nice, I think this is one of Klipsch nicest promo shirts that Klipsch has ever made. That said this eBay seller is nuts and a parasite he has been also buying these shirts for himself since he first started listing his shirt 2 years ago. I initially made an offer last October 2012, I emailed and asked him if he meant 50.00 bucks and he said no 500.00. My point was not to promote this eBay sellers T-shirt , I really find this seller not much of a human being. His last email to me illustrated poor character and his own lack sensibilities his has a low opinion of his past and future customers. I'm not a big fan of FRODO or LOTR I'm more a fan of the speakers from before I met Paul. My brother Purchased a pair of 1977 Klipsch Lascala speakers new. Paul gave me several shirts for me and one for my brother. This is not the same as buying a 1968 Shelby 350GT in a barn somewhere in Arizona for 100 bucks, this is a 50 cent used box of nasty T-shirts find from a goodwill in Chicago Illinois. I'm not against a seller making a profit My issue with this person is he is also buying these shirts to both Keep people from getting a descent bargain and forcing someone to pay his prices.
  2. The shirt says it all. Let me first introduce myself I was a previous Forum member that somehow because I never contributed to the forum must have been bumped off and now my user named was given off. In 1978 I worked at a high-end stereo shop in Laredo Texas called Audio systems. The owner had a great relationship with Paul Klipsch. Laredo is a Border town with a direct route into Mexico making it a direct pipeline. Being certified Luxman dealer and preferred Klipsch dealer Paul would routinely set up clinics. I was in car installations and helped out during clinics. One forum member (Amy) mention these sold for 5.00 dollars new and that may be true I only was aware of the free promotional shirts given at our clinics. It was common practice that shirts, stickers and buttons were given away during this time. No one really charged money for promo's not until the late 80's with sunglasses brands. Paul; gave me several shirts and Bullshit pins. On the 500.00 T-shirt on eBay. This seller is breaking no rules no laws and is in it for the long haul. I wish there was a system that would put an end to it but sadly no. He's in no hurry to lower his price or move on and in fact he is buying Frodo LOTR Lascala Bullshit T-shirts as they come available he has purchased at least 3 since he first started selling his 500.00 T-shirt. He emailed me and told me he going to keep on buying and marking up by 1250% "after all no one's putting a gun to anyone's head mate" and if you feel 500.00 is crazy then stay away from his concert shirts that he sells for 1500.00 plus. I looked into trying to copy one of my pristine LOTR shirts but stopped because it was too much effort and I didn't want to infringe on any copyright laws not only Klipsch but also LOTR. I have a very low opinion of this individual and his views. normally I would have no opinion but now after a year I wish he would simply go away. Klipsch over the years has reprinted some of the older classic t-shirts and pins. Klipsch loyalists your best bet is to try and get Klipsch to reprint these and ignore this seller. trust me after the last email this seller wrote me he has a very low opinion of his own customers. This seller may now be a member trying to sell his Merchandize
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