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    Klipsch RB-61's

    It was apart of scale, also was for sale. lol had offers in PM instantly.
  2. Deadlink

    Klipsch RB-61's

    If any of the mods see this please could you move this over to the Garage Sale thread please. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Deadlink

    Klipsch RB-61's

    Hey thanks!, sorry if this isn't the right place I tried to look for a new members section and wanted to introduce myself. I live on the base at Fort Campbell/Oak Grove.
  4. Deadlink

    Klipsch RB-61's

    I have a pair of RB-61's that I recent purchased and replaced with a set of F-30's that were on closeout. I am trying to see about 300 for the pair as they are in flawless condition. Well kept and dusted, never used cleaning products on the speakers at all and always kept under cover when not in use. I am located in KY and would prefer local or within a couple hour drive if possible. Thank you. -Matt
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