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    Chicago, Illinois
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    High School Ethics Teacher.

    Enjoy two-channel listening! Especially jazz.

    Philosophy, Theology, Film (especially Fellini, Jodorowsky, Lang, Resnais, Goddard, Lynch, Kubrick), and short fiction.

    I love my life and the people in it.
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    System 1: Thorens TD 295 MK IV (Ortofon Bronze), Harmon Kardon CDP, Sansui AU-717, Cornwall II (Thanks Zeus), Fitzmaurice Tuba Table.

    System 2: Pro-ject Debut Carbon (Ortofon 2M Blue), Denon DVD-2500BTCI, Marantz 2230, Chorus II.

    System 3 Bedroom: Audio Technica TT, Qinpu Tube Amp, Heresy II.

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