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  1. Edroom, Sorry for the confusion, I should have called this thread "Seeking Heresy Owner in NYC". I currently do not own Heresys of any type -- I am considering purchasing and would like to audition a pair before I take the plunge. -- Craig
  2. Thanks for the welcomes! I'm considering the Heresy III because the seem to fit my musical tastes (I primarily listen to jazz on vinyl) and my budget. I live in an apartment so the room size is fairly modest (15x25 or so). From what I have read they seem well suited for my needs. Which is why I'd like to hear them before buying, so I'm hoping to find someone in NYC who has a pair. I wish there was a dealer in town, but a call to Klipsch customer service didn't turn up any.
  3. Hi. I'm considering purchasing a pair of Heresy IIIs, but I'd like to hear them before I purchase. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I there does not seem to be a dealer in NYC that carries the Heritage series. I was wondering if there is anyone on this forum who has Heresy's in the NYC metro area who would be kind enough to invite me over for a listen. I'll bring a bottle of wine and considerable gratitude. Thanks, Craig
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