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  1. Hi All - thought I'd check in after several months with these.  


    I absolutely love them.  As someone who's owned speakers that retail for $30K+ (the Avantgarde Duos featured in my Avatar...and no, I didn't pay nearly that much), and many, many others at all price points, these arguably sound best of all!  I listen to all types of music.  This particular pair replaced a pair of Magnepan 3.7s (talk about opposites!)  I'm using these with a Klipsch sub at low volume with the lowest crossover setting - provides a nice seasoning.


    I've used these with a Hegel H300, but my real love with them is tube amps.  I've tried a couple with great results.  Tube selection is a little more difficult since these are so sensitive, but that makes me use the best tubes I can get.  I listen to vinyl, CD/SACD, files, internet radio and even minidiscs - all of which are wonderful through these La Scalas.


    The toughest part was moving them!




    PS They were my first Klipsch speakers but not my last!  I've already bought a new pair of Heresy IIIs to go with another system.

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