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  1. Also, the beautiful house I grew up in with the fabulous 1100 sqft acoustic family room is in the process (since Monday) of being leveled. They should be done today or tomorrow to make way for 5 houses. The end of a legacy and part of my life since 1967. I'll post a before and after pic soon. Thanks again to CaptnBob for your latest info.

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  2. Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a while. The Patrician is safely stored and life goes on around me. I was kind enough to have a local expert come by. Drum roll please... It is a standard factory built Patrician IV! I'll have to go back and ask about T-35 vs T-350, as he didn't answer that. What he did do was hooked it up to some device that went through the frequency spectrum and we were very excited when there were no skips or breaks. Of course, I had figured that since they were working perfectly the last I had the pleasure of using them. I did get a reasonable offer. But, he did say they are worth more than double that to the right overseas buyer. I'm not sure I want to get into that. So, I haven't decided what to do yet. My life has been busy with our business and preparing for our twins' hs graduation.

  3. Nope. Didn't start to roll by hitting the curb. He was in the far left lane, changed lanes into a car in his passenger blind spot. As the car was hit toward the left, he corrected to the right, of course, and the car began to roll between the middle and far left lane, from what I was told. It did a one and a half. The final half is where it might have hit the curb and continued to roll up to its final resting spot. But, not sure. Supposedly, he bounced into the curb, all moving in a forward path. Love your comments. Do you reconstruct accidents or are you an adjuster?

  4. Thanks! I will try to change it right now. I am using Tapatalk for the forum. So, if it doesn't work, I'll go into my laptop into the klipsch forum to do it. Thank you! As for Sam, remember, this is the boy who made a driving mistake. Lol. Yes, great idea. Sadly, I know no-one living who knew about this speaker. My folks are both gone. But, remember, no - one ever opened that second built in cabinet that surrounded it, as far as I can remember, until I did a couple years ago. So, no - one knew what was back there. We always talked about the components we did know about. But, even then, I don't know any specialist for the juke box and reel to reel either. Besides a flat and Phillips, and a hammer, could someone please tell me what I should take to storage. You bet, I will take a lot of photos. I'll post a few of the other equipment for fun. Thanks again Jim!

  5. Thanks Sheltie Dave. I wish I had an 800! I'm not sure what vibe you are talking about. I can tell you, I wouldn't hire just a carpenter to open it. I'd prefer to do it myself than to go that route. The risk of them not knowing how fragile this may be would scare me. Can you please give me contact names and numbers and allow me to speak to the locals? I'm not the best at communicating via typing, although I try my best. If I could change the title to this thread to Patrician IV, I would. I like the full running history, so I'd prefer to not start another. I grew up listening to this, not being a collector. So, please have a little patience as I learn from all of you, work full time, take care of my family (my son rolled his vehicle last weekend when he changed lanes into a blind spot and I am blessed he walked out OK), and so on. In addition, storage is about 20 miles away from me. What are the exact tools I should bring with me when I go? Thanks again, Andrea

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  6. SheltieDave, thank you for the information on exactly how to safely remove the panels. I was hoping to get someone who is more familiar to do it. But, I can do at least the front. It is in storage and I am not strong enough to move it to get to the back, or turn in on its side to get to the bottom, as was previously suggested. I truly did not know that it was a Patrician IV vs VIII. I'm sure my pipe dream will probably be deflated once we see what is in it. All the best, Andrea

  7. Btw, everyone, I still haven't given up hope that the components might be a little different. Nace was very involved with Paramount Pictures. And I have a sneaking suspicion that EV also had a contract for the Nace theatres. When I peer in, it looks different than a open Pisces cabinet I have seen a pic of. I'm thinking that they saw the blueprints for where this was going and might have modified the speaker. Again, I'll let everyone know. Take a look at this pic. The wall was designed specifically to hold this speaker and the other components. You can see the cork lined walls above it, and the Terraza floor below. ce7b11970697f1edd50400b923c3f5c0.jpg

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