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  1. I did some research and ordered a pair of SVS SB-2000's.  I would have probably gotten the ported PB-2000's if they were available in the Piano Black finish, but the wife was not going to approve of that wood grain look.


    As far as the XW-500d goes, I opened a ticket with Klipsch to see if they could service it.  It looks like I may be able to replace the amp with something like this:



    Thanks for the input everyone. 



  2. Hello everyone.  I bought a 6.1 set of Icon speakers in October of 2008, and last week my XW-500D subwoofer died.  There is a little text display on the top, and when I toggle the power switch it will light up for half a second before fading out.  It also doesn't go BOOM BOOM BOOM anymore.  That has been the extent of my troubleshooting so far.


    This brick cost a pretty penny back in 2008, but I am not sentimental about it.  I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for trying to repair it.  Otherwise, I'd like to solicit recommendations for replacing it.  My den is 22' x 22', and this would be for exclusively for movies.  I am not opposed to moving to a 6.2 setup, if there is any merit to that layout.


    Thanks in advance for your input!



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