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  1. Hello everybody, We are preparing an Atmos build in our livingroom and Klipsch has gotten my attention as a speakerbrand. I've listened to a bookshelf Klipsch and really liked the sound. Because we are doing an in-wall/ceiling setup, I've selected the 5502 II's as my possible wall speakers, given that one type of speaker gives an equal tonality through all speakers. For the ceiling, I'm looking at the CDT5800 series. The sound will be supported by a Velodyne DD10 subwoofer. Actually, I have two questions: 1. Are the 5502 II and the CDT5800 a good match? 2. How does the sound of the in-wall speaker compare to the RF monitor speaker with the same drivers? I hope someone can answer this, because there are no dealers here where I can listen to in-wall speakers before buying...
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