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  1. The system will be against the wall of my living room. 200 sq ft, wood floors, vaulted ceilings and a lot of glass..... i realize that with that size room I could go pretty big with speakers. However, I do not want the stereo to be the focal point of the room....hence the ideal choice being the Hersesy, the possible choice being the Forte..... i have read that Heresy speakers can sound harsh with ss vintage receivers from the 70s. I've also read that they lack bottom end. Then again, I have heard from people who swear by setups like this. How do I make sense of this? A wide swing sample of artists that I like to listen to would be Grateful Dead, James Taylor, Willie Nelson, Little Feat, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Bill Frisell, the Strokes, the Beatles, Zeppelin, and the list goes on... as far far as exact receiver....I am open to various choices. I will say that the search began by lusting after a fully restored Marantz 2270... I like that look as well...
  2. Hi everybody, This is my first post here! I am about to purchase my first ever home stereo! Let me apologize in advance for what may seem like ridiculous questions....please go easy, as I am brand new to this world.... I am putting together a system, and its primary purpose will be to play records. I do know that I will most likely go with a vintage receiver that has already been restored. Looking at Marantz, Sansui, McIntosh, Luxman, etc....the usual suspects.... I will primarily be listening to rock, folk, jazz, acoustic music, etc. Nothing to heavy. Haven't quite decided on a turntable yet, but I want to hammer down my choice of receiver/speakers first. Still trying to decide on speakers too, but I am almost 100% sure that I will go with Klipsch. In addition to sounding great, the speakers I choose must fit into the vintage "look" of the stereo. Plus, they can't be too big. Klipsch is the only speaker I am aware of that makes floor standing models that have a vintage look, and are not Yuuuuggggge! I am looking at purchasing used/upgraded Heresy I, II, or III....or else a set of used Fortes. I would love any advice people can offer about how these types of speakers work with vintage SS Receivers....plus any recommendations on which particular brand/model people have had success with, as well as places to look for refurbished/restored models of speakers and receivers. Budget is $2500 for receiver/speakers, ideally less. However, if my budget doesn't get me EVRYTHING I want, I would like to focus first on getting excellent speakers, and have the rest of the components be "useable" with the idea that I can upgrade/restore those at a later date. Thanks!
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