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  1. I did what most people do, which was do the obvious Google searches regarding the KLF 30 specs, part numbers and what other people were doing to upgrade or restore these speakers. That brought me to this forum, where i immediately learned about the Crites crossover, Tweeter and Mid range upgrades. I didn't want to just restore, i wanted to IMPROVE these towers, which have been with me for over 20 years. The surprising part was that there is very little info on the K-31 woofers. I spent several weeks looking all over the internet to try and find more info, and find out what people were doing about replacing them. The best i could find was that Crites has replacements, and there is also a "MAVIN" woofer that is supposed to be a direct replacement. I decided to order the crossover, titanium tweeters and mid range drivers from Crites, and ask about the Crites woofers. Bob told me that they are equivalent to the K-31's, but not an upgrade, which i appreciated because i didn't want to just replace the K-31's with equivalent performance. I'm no expert on the specs, or "Theil-small parameters", so i really didn't have a firm grasp of what to look for. I remember reading somewhere that the KLF crosses over at 700Htz, so i decided to look for woofers with a starting point of 25Htz, and go from there. I called parts express and they suggested i go with a Dayton SUBWOOFER, which i found strange since they are designed with a low frequency, but don't really get very far. I almost took the chance but decided to keep looking, and i found the US SPEAKER website, which has a host of equipment i've NEVER heard of, including the CIARE's. Once i saw the CIARE's frequency range, i decided to call US Speaker directly, and they confirmed that these would be the best option for these towers. They also told me that these speakers are a HUGE upgrade in quality to anything from Eminence or Dayton, and are made in Italy. I decided to just order them based on their recommendations and their designed frequency range. I don't have a clue about all the other specs, but felt confident that they are better than the K-31's, which in all honesty look and feel like junk. It's actually quite astonishing that they sound as good as they do in these cabinets, but these CIARE's are the best woofers i've ever heard in this level of performance category. I was so thrilled with how great the KLF's sound quality has improved, that i couldn't resist joining this forum for the sole purpose of helping anyone else who was in the same predicament. While everyone here knows about the Crites upgrades, i knew there was no real choice regarding what to do about the K-31's, other than replacing them with equivalent woofers. Hopefully, everyone will look at the CIARE HW321's as the only way to go. The KLF 30's have always been really good speakers, but these upgrades obliterate the originals in every way. The entire spectrum of sound is vastly improved, and will be obvious to the naked ear. I'd be interested in seeing the results of actual testing, as i am sure that it would also prove that there is a vast improvement in quality and sound stage. These KLF 30's are serious BEASTS now.
  2. Glad to see you are satisfied. These woofers should work just as well in ANY application that used the K-31's, and i suspect they would be an upgrade in ANY cabinet that uses a 12 inch woofer. I joined this forum just as a way to help others who faced the same dilemma regarding replacing the K-31 woofers. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get information regarding the specs on the K-31's, and i never even heard of Ciare before, but after calling US speaker, i was assured that these are top quality woofers. I can't believe i was actually contemplating replacing the KLF 30's altogether. I'm glad i didn't, because in all honesty, i seriously doubt there is anything in the Klipsch stable that can touch these now. Hearing is believing...........
  3. Like what? I'm not saying these are the greatest speakers ever made, but with these upgrades, they sound better than anything within this price range.
  4. Do yourself a favor and get the CIARE HW321's. They absolutely blow away the K-31's, and it's not even close. They go for $140 a piece, so they're not terribly expensive in my opinion, and they're better than anything you'll find on parts express. Also, they fit with ZERO modifications.
  5. Hello guys, i just joined this forum to let you guys know about my KLF 30 upgrades. I'm sure most of you already know about the Crites titanium tweeters, crossovers and A-55G midrange drivers for the KLF 30's, but from what i can see, nobody really has a solution for the woofers. I thought about getting the Crites woofers as well, but i wanted more than just a replacement for the K 31 E's, i wanted a better woofer overall. As many of you already know, the bass output on the KLF 30's is a bit shallow, and many people feel the need to add a sub for that extra kick. I wanted something that would eliminate the need for a sub, and there are only a handful of dedicated woofers that have a frequency range that would work well in these cabinets. After much research, i found the PERFECT upgrades, the CIARE HW321. Not only do these woofers fit PERFECTLY with no modifications, they look and sound amazing. It's as if they were perfectly tuned to work with the KLF 30 cabinets, and they are vastly superior in every way to the K 31 E. They are made in Italy, and are definitely high quality . In all honesty, i'm amazed the K 31 E sounds as good as it did, because they are really flimsy and low quality. I swapped everything out with crites crossover, titanium tweeters and the A-55G mids, and then the CIARE HW321's. Overall, everything cost me about $1400, but i feel like it was a bargain. Here's my final verdict: I can't believe how much better these speakers sound now, not only in terms of clarity, but raw power. I didn't change ANYTHING in regards to equipment, or speaker placement, and the difference is staggering. The Crites upgrades are worth every penny, as the highs and mids not only reach another octave, but there is NONE of the "harshness" that is usually associated with Klipsch horns. Some people say that Klipsch's are an acquired taste, but there is a warmer and softer tone to the highs and mids with these Crites upgrades. As for the CIARE HW321 woofers, HOLY CRAP what an improvement. NO ONE will claim they need a sub once they hear these woofers, which feel like they were designed SPECIFICALLY for these cabinets. The bass is phenominal across a wide range, and combined with the Crites pieces, these towers will out perform much more expensive reference speakers. In fact, they will EMBARRASS many audiophile picks. I got these woofers from US SPEAKER online, as parts express doesn't carry them. You will NOT find a better speaker for these cabinets. Here are some of the specs. SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Basket Diameter 12" / 304mm Impedance 8 ohms AES Power Rating 150 Watts Program Power 300 Watts Frequency Response 25Hz - 2.5kHz Sensitivity (1W/1m) 93dB SPL Air Gap Height 8.0mm Voice Coil Diameter 2.0" / 50mm
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