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  1. Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier/ Preamp/ DAC

    For sale is a practically new Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier/ Preamp/ DAC

    I bought this Klipsch pretty recently and it's pretty new, have all the packing materials and box. Basically new, bought because how well it matches a chocolate Scott LK-72 tube amplifier I have both sonically and aesthetically. I'm parting with the Scott , though, so it makes sense to also let go of the Klipsch.

    I've used it as a standalone dac, but it also is well regarded as a headphone amplifier and can be used as a digital preamplifier. I think the Klipsch is more attractive than the black box DAC's out there and holds it own against many well-regarded models I've used in the past sonically, it's also compact enough to be used in a number of different settings.

    more info and specs here:

    These retail for $500 new, I'm offering it very very lightly used for $400

  2. For sale is a beast of a subwoofer, a Mcintosh HT-2 THX certified Dual 12" Subwoofer. This is a passive subwoofer so you will need to use an amp with it, but if you do, it will put out bass to shake your house and your neighbor's. Seriously large, can be used a rather nice end table or window seat as well ;) 

    If you need an amp, I do also have a nice Rotel amplifier for sale which could be used nicely with this monster.

    one review:
    "This is my last subwoofer. I finally got my fill of upgrading, so I went with one that had "ultimate" performance in pretty much every area"

    last retail price on this unit was $1,750,00 each, and checking sold listings seem to go used for about $600, probably would go for more if they weren't too heavy to ship. I got this in part trade for a pair of Klipsch Chorus II's I had, but as it's way too big for my house, it makes sense to let it go to someone who is more able to use it, and does have the expected nicks and scratches on the cabinet I'm willing to let it go for far less

    info from the Roger Russell site on Mcintosh's

    Floor system has Two 12" LD/HP woofers facing downward. THX approved. Black ash finish.

    Impedance: 4 ohms
    Output: 88dB @1w/1m [91dB @ 2.83v]
    Power rating: 600w
    Size: 20-1/2"H, 30"W and 20"D
    Weight: 90.5 lb.
    Manufactured: 1993-. 


    I'm asking $450 for the subwoofer, which I think is a very good deal



  3. Hi all, selling a very nice pair of Heresy II's in walnut oil finish. I got these with an amplifier I bought, as I have mentioned previously here, I liked the Heresy's enough to look into larger Klipsch speakers and have since bought a pair of Chorus II's - really don't have room for these (see last photo) so have posted them for sale.


    a little more info here:


    both front.jpg

    both no grills.jpg

  4. Hi, an update.  I sold the Heresy's, and it looks like I have worked out a deal to get some Chorus II's with Crites upgrades but with some cabinet damage.  Excited to hear them in action.


    thanks everyone for advice and welcomes. Sorry altec210 I wasn't able to pass these along to you, but if I see other's I'll let you know  - there are a couple pairs of Heresy I's for sale in the area right now (no affiliation to me), but I don't see any II's - pm me if you want info on those

  5. Hi All,


    I'm pretty new here. I registered because I recently got into tube amplification (Scott 299c and a Sansui 1000a) and thought I'd listen to the orthodoxy and try these out with a nice pair of Klipsch's, and was lucky to find a nice pair locally from the original owner who bought them from a military PX, and must say I love the breath of the horns.  But now, I want more, I want to try a pair of Chorus's or Forte's and for that to happen I must sell the Heresy's for both financial and space reasons.


    Cabinets are not perfect, but very good. Drivers and sound are great shape. 


    Happy to play them for someone who is interested

    I am asking $600. These are I think reasonably priced, from what I can tell from looking locally for a little while trying to source a pair, but if not let me know and possibly we can work something out

    As I said, I am doing this to try to "move up the ladder", so if you have a pair of Chorus or Forte that you are willing to part with, I'd be happy to trade these towards them.



    and of course would be happy to answer any questions or provide more pictures if desired


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