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  1. Please let mw know if you are happy with youe CA CXA80? I am also trying to decide between this one and NAD c 368 for RP250F speakers. Thank you
  2. Thank you for all the answers. Has anyone had any expierence with CA CXA80? If chosing between CA CXA 80 and Nad c 368 which one would you suggest? Thank you for your recommendations!!
  3. So in your opinion having 80W instead of 100 ( that those speakers theoretically need) is fine? Also, if you had to chose between Nad and Yamaha, which one you would go with? thank you.
  4. Hello, Ikm New to this forum. Im looking for the integrated amp for Klipsch RP-250F. Was looking at Yamaha s701 (801), marantz pm8005 Nad C368 as possible options. Marantz and Nad are rated 70 W in 8ohm while Yamaha is 100w. But heard that Marantz and Nad sound is superior. Any suggestions are very wellcome! thank you!
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