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  1. Aleksks

    foreign language

    Whay foreign languages do you know or would like to learn? I'd like to learn the following foreign languages, in approximate order: 1: Spanish, mainly because I already know some Spanish, and it's probably one of the easiest languages to learn for an English-speaker. 2: German 3: Japanese, because I love Japanese culture so much, especially anime. I list it third because Japanese is a COMPLETELY different language from English, very difficult for us to learn but it seems challenging and I love to tackle challenges:) With language learning sites, the task is less challenging
  2. So I personally own barska biometric safe. My wife bought me one for Christmas. I like it cause it provides a convenient access to multiple people, and it's awesome. It has pre-drilled holes that allow to bolt it to the floor or wall/shelf- mine is currently bolted through the floor into the concrete underneath. I like it - I've even taken it with us when we've gone on vacation, for securing our belonging at night in the hotel. You may want to consider more options, and these review can help you figure out https://secretstorages.com/floor-safes/
  3. I was absolutely luck to buy 10 coins for about $200 back in 2013 when Coinbase first started just to see what it was all about. Still got em, not really as an investment, mostly just as a novelty item. Cryptocurrency is just like a hobby. I like reading about it from Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Blogs. It may sound ridiculously, but my hobby can make me a billionaire one day
  4. Too much to cope on my own. Finding motivation to learn is my anither biggest challenge. I often procrastinate over college work and homework, often use essay writing service reviews best service . It's tough for me to concentrate. It's tempting to just have a glance at my gadget for any message , and so often 'just one glance' turns into hour or so and it's impossible to pull myself away from it...
  5. Aleksks


    If I had enough funds now, I'd invest inbitcoin right now. Besides, right now is a good time for purchasing it. And not only bitcoin 😃 And not the whole unit. I'm personally considering investing in a part of BTC. I study the crypto financial market at the moment. This resource is really helpful https://cryptolinks.com/ . As far as I know, the cryptocurrency experts are predicting that BTC price will increase soo and I don't wants to be left behind again.
  6. Aleksks


    Are you investing in Bitcoin?
  7. I personally have DXRacer chair and I actually adore it. In my opinion and I'm sure anyone's who has a gaming chair best quality gaming chairs are DXRacers. I happen to be well versed on gaming chairs because not long ago I bought one of my own and had to do a lot of research and read tons of reviews https://supergamereviews.com/best-pc-gaming-chairs-under-200/ until arriving at my decision.
  8. We are looking as well, been hearing recently about Olee Sleep Mattress seem almost too good to be true, reviews are good, but we all know how that is. Anyone have any experience with them? I have read the reviews on https://practicalsleep.com/best-mattresses-under-500/ but still need some real like experiences Thanks in advance!
  9. We love having our two Roombas in our house. It helps keep the floors nice and clean and has made such a difference in our lives that each of our kids have bought their own for their own homes. We notice much fewer allergy issues now that we use our respective Roombas regularly! We have a long hair dog and his hair used to be a constant issue in our house, and required constant clean up. With Roomba it's much easier. More info on robotic vacuum cleaners for pets hair on https://robotbox.net/top-5-best-roomba-robot-vacuums-pet-hair/
  10. I enjoyed watching Springsteen On Broadway, which premiered Netflix in December. It was even better than I expected. Entertaining and insightful. I am not a huge fan of his music acoustically, but in this context it worked great. There were plenty of times where he could have stuck in an antidote that I have heard in interviews before, but there was none of that. All fresh (to me anyway). Btw, Netflix is not available in my are, so I had to use IPVanish VPN ( https://www.firesticktricks.com/ipvanish-review.html ) to access it
  11. Hi friend! I also bought firestick with kodi ayear ago and just now realized that the seller made me fool. I found many easy to follow guides on how how to install Kodi on FireStick on your own by following this guide - https://www.firesticktricks.com/install-kodi-on-fire-stick.html. Even my parents figured out how to do it and have been using it, so it has to be absolutely easy, otherwise they would have called someboby for tech support as usual.
  12. Sorry for being out of topic a little bit, but I am in the market for a new violin for myself. I am a flute and piano teacher and have all my grades in both as well as all my singing grades, but would like to learn the violin. I've never played any stringed instruments. Could you help me with recommending a good violin to start with (I found some recommendations on https://violinio.com/) and perhaps a good book I can get myself going with? (I will find a teacher after a short while) I'm hoping with my music knowledge I'll pick it up quite quickly, so want to pick the right instrument. Obviously though there's still the chance I won't take to it, so don't want to spend too much Thanks in advance!
  13. Aleksks

    No More Crack Fries

    If you need a guide on how to make hash, here is info https://www.ncsm.nl/english/diy/make-hash . But I personally tolerate only medical use of marijuana. I would never use it just to get high.
  14. Aleksks


    I am heavily into biking. Love the style and feel great while on road. It's vital tollow your passion, my sports keep me a happy married man so I don't get any other ITCH. Some interesting stuff on biking - https://www.bikerringshop.com/blogs/news/the-badass-history-of-biker-fashion
  15. I currently have an induction cooktop. I wouldn't go back to ceramic or traditional style. I've used gas, I think I prefer induction - works well and easier to clean. To compare the best cooktops available in the market for now, read this info . Hope it helps
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