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  1. FWIW, I bought the RF-7III's, R64 center and the Marantz 7012. Still trying to figure out subs. I just wanted to say thanks again.
  2. All good info K5SS.. I appreciate it. I don't actually have the subs yet. I was thinking of going that route because I liked the SB-2000's I had in my last room and figured the PB-2000s would be more of what I'm looking for. I will keep my options open. Thanks!
  3. I haven't decided on power. I was thinking about a 7ch Monoprice Monolith or just rolling with a new AVR and seeing if that did the trick. I had a Denon AVR-x4100 that I liked but I"m not in love with any one brand. I was thinking something similar? I figured if the 4100 could drive the Martin Logan 50xt, SLM XL (x2), ElectroMotion IC (x2), and FX surrounds (x2), then the newer version should be sufficient for a more efficient Klipsch setup. Thoughts?
  4. And btw, WVU80, I'm pretty sure you've got enough speakers in that space 🙂 Good lord man... That's a lot of firepower for a room that size. Thanks again for any input and suggestions.
  5. I will be using a projector and probably 120” screen. I just put a 75” Samsung Q6 in the living room. I dig it. We had a full theater with all Martin Logan stuff in our old house in a room that I spent a lot of time building. I just never felt the MartinLogans and the dual SB2000s made up for their price tag. Long story but I left all of that stuff in the house because the cabinet I built was built specifically for the SLM XL on walls and the subs. So now we want something similar but I fell in love with the RF7-llls and I’m trying to talk myself out of buying them...but I still think Klipsch is the way I want to go. I just had way more time when I built all of the stuff in my last house. Now I have two kids and zero time so I’m trying to do it right the first time. Here are some pics of the last room. I designed and built the cabinets in the playroom as well as the barn door and chalkboard wall. Behind the barn door is the media room where I built the cabinets and screen surround as well as gutted the closet and built av racks and vented the closet. For the record, that room was 17.5'x14.5'. The room in the new house is 16.5"x14.5'. The plan in the new room is to do theater seating which should make it look less cramped than that room looked at the front. Makes me miss that house house a little...
  6. Thanks for the replies and opinions. I don’t have room for another 8000 in the middle. I really wanted to use an AT screen and go that route but it makes the room too short to put two rows of seats. Lol. These are the biggest problems I have in my life right now...
  7. Hey guys, I'm setting up a dedicated theater in a 16x14 room. I wanted to know if anyone could give me any direction on this. Would using the RP800f's with the RC-64lll be a bad idea? Is the RC-64lll overkill in a room that size? Will it sound too different from the 8000's and defeat the purpose of going bigger on the center channel? I'm thinking the RF7-lll's would be overkill in my room, not to mention a couple of thousand dollars more. So my options are to step the center down to the RP-504C and go with the matching RP-8000f's. Steep up the towers from the 8000s to the RF7-lll's. Step them all up. Step them all down. Mix the big center with the smaller towers. I"m also using dual SVS PB2000's for the record. Any help is appreciated.
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