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    Helena, Montana
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    Tube separates (Cary/ AES, McIntosh, Rogue Audio, Bottlehead, CJ, VTL, Firestone Audio, Radii Audio, Antique Sound Lab, Scott, Precision fidelity, Quicksilver, Darkvoice, Quad, Music Hall, Western Electric 91A clones, several DIY SET amps.. know I'm forgetting a few.. LOL) with Klipsch Belles, Cornwalls (2 pair), Forte 2s (2 pair), JBL 4333As, Levinson HQD (stacked Quad ESL-57s and Deccas), Altec Valencias (2 pair), Altec Madrids, Speakerlab Sevens, Heresy 1s, Purple Supergravity Neutrinos (for my desktop) and a few diy creations from the loads of JBL/Altec drivers laying around

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