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  1. Looking to trade these four 12" subwoofer drivers made by Renaissance Audio (Morel USA). These have been sitting in their boxes in my spare closet for quite a few years now. I am looking for Klipsch Heritage stuff. K-77 tweeters, Heresy crossovers and grills, K-22 woofers, Forte 2 passives, Crites or ALK networks for Forte 2. Also looking for University HF-206 and C15W drivers as well as any JBL/Altec compression drivers, L-200/300/4333a crossovers and any 075/ 077 or pro version tweeters. JBL "baby butts" too. Hit me up with a swap... don't think I'll get around to using these fantastic drivers unfortunately so I'd trade them for almost pretty much any horn stuff mentioned..
  2. I'll add to the shoutout. I just received 4 W1208r woofers from MookieStl. What an amazing packing job. And they were free for the cost of shipping. And believe me when I say it was a bargain on the shipping....wow! I've packed a lot of gear and this was above and beyond what I would even do with the speakers double boxed (18" inner box and 20" outer box) for 12" woofers. You read correctly... 12" woofers. An unbelievably generous gesture. I plan to install new butyl surrounds and new dustcaps and resurrect these into some projects. I may possibly use a set in Heresies if they sound good in there. May have to use an outboard electronic crossover and triamping to get the proper attenuation on all drivers. The other pair will fix my Speakerlab Sevens. So... I'm certainly gonna recommend MookieStl.
  3. Sorry for not seeing the PM earlier. I'll still take the crossovers for sure.
  4. I'll take the crossovers, shipping to 59601?
  5. And really, worst case, I could get away with one good W1208R and be done.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing a few pics MookieStl. Bad surrounds are no worry, I'm more interested in good cones and dustcaps
  7. Looking for woofers from these. One had a tear but was still functional when I bought them yesterday. Wouldn't mind an extra spare 10" and 12" woofer in nice shape. Or pairs.. let me know. W1008R and W1208R are the model numbers on the woofers. Thanks
  8. Thanks man. It looks like they offer all kinds of services.. even restoring the grills I have.
  9. Looking for KG 1.5 grills in nice condition. Gonna reveneer the cabs so wanted to replace grills too. Maybe it is possible to redo the fabric? Looks easier to just replace them honestly.
  10. Wow, that's more than a fair price. I've seen single Belles priced at that. Coming to Montana any time soon? LOL. That is an absolute steal of a deal.
  11. Yes, pics and price? You can PM me with that.
  12. I don't have the passives. Sounds like I should copy the Forte 1. I know what Heressies sound like. I've had 4 pair in the past over the years. I think it will be worth experimenting.
  13. Lots to think about here. Thanks for all the input on the different mass loadings and cosmetics. I'm patient. I have two pair of Forte 2s. The pair I just picked up had a botched rear passive that had a huge rip and was horribly repaired but still functions. It's ugly as sin. The other had a very small hole that silicone was dabbed over (near the lower edge on the left pictured passive). No.. not my repairs. I use wood glue and rice paper or zig-zag rolling papers on the backside of the cone when I come across stuff that is ripped that isn't worth reconing. It's still a noticeable repair but not to this extent. LOL But hey, $200 for the pair and all other drivers work and look perfect. Cabs will need my loving. I may try to recone both of them myself. Or.... possibly someone could suggest a good reconer for these? I could send them off and in the meantime reveneer the cabs in solid (non-paper backed) black walnut. Thanks all.
  14. Yes, I did see the Tangent series was a compatible upgrade. But I'm really trying to duplicate Fortes with the passive. Something magic there... but I will admit I've never heard or seen a pair of Tangents. So no idea how the sound compares to Fortes.
  15. First off, just want to say that I am not far from having all the components lying around to build Heresies. So that is what I have to work with. Secondly, I am a carpenter so building cabs is not going to be an issue for me. Neither are tools and material. Here is my query. Has anyone tried using the k-77/ k-55v/ k-22 in a bigger cabinet the size of a Forte with a 15" passive. Ideally, I'd like to use the same E-2 crossover. I guess a Herete? I absolutely love my Forte 2s. I'd dare say more than my Cornwalls and Belles. They just seem more composed and balanced with equal bass impact.. at 1/3 the size. Anyone ever attempted this with good results or is the K-22 not up to the task of pushing a 15" passive? Thanks in advance.
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