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  1. I think this is it. https://racksonic.com/store/rackmount-shelves/4-post/1u-20-deep-rack-mountable-sliding-shelf/
  2. I don’t remember where I got it, but I can do some digging. It extends the full depth of the cabinet and is very sturdy. Are you looking for something similar?
  3. Photos attached. It's a bit dusty but the condition is excellent. It doesn't have an dents or marks on it.
  4. This is a total longshot, but hey why not try. I'm selling my Sanus 36U rack. It has a glass door for a tidy appearance. I’m downsizing my system and this cabinet needs to go. Includes 3 silent fans that are thermostatically controlled. Was $1150 for the rack, and another $200 for the fans and controller. The thermostat is set to 85 degrees, and will likely be challenging to change as the display for the unit is acting up. Asking $450 for the full kit. Includes PS4 custom faceplate, a pull out shelf that I used for a turntable, and a number of spare shelves of assorted sizes. Also has a tinted panel that I used to hide the bright lights on networking equipment, and I'll leave the Denon Professional CD player in the rack for the new owner. Please let me know what questions come to mind. Pickup in Chico, CA, about an hour and a half north of Sacramento.
  5. Hello, I recently bought these and I absolutely love them, but I can justify trying to get them through a move without damaging them. So in preparation I’m selling some gear that I don’t think will survive the trip without getting beat up. I’m the second owner of these RF63s, and they are properly mint. Both houses are free of smoke and kiddos, so no dents on the drivers or anything. The grills are in the other room and also completely perfect. I do have the manuals, but I do not have the boxes, so these are for local pickup only in Springfield, Illinois 62704. Auditions are welcomed if you’re willing to wear a mask. Asking $850 OBO. New Asking price, $750 new price $700!! $650! Thanks, Alex
  6. These have been sold locally, thanks all.
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