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  1. Hello, I recently bought these and I absolutely love them, but I can justify trying to get them through a move without damaging them. So in preparation I’m selling some gear that I don’t think will survive the trip without getting beat up. I’m the second owner of these RF63s, and they are properly mint. Both houses are free of smoke and kiddos, so no dents on the drivers or anything. The grills are in the other room and also completely perfect. I do have the manuals, but I do not have the boxes, so these are for local pickup only in Springfield, Illinois 62704. Auditions are welcomed if you’re willing to wear a mask. Asking $850 OBO. New Asking price, $750 new price $700!! $650! Thanks, Alex
  2. These have been sold locally, thanks all.
  3. It sounds like you are familiar with these, and I'm guessing you might be right about the bass still being rolled off, I tend to turn it up on my preamp to compensate a bit, and that would explain why. I wonder if this is a simple thing to change...
  4. Will trade for Nikon camera equipment?
  5. Hi all, I have a really clean Anthem MRX300 in need of some kind of service. It looks perfect, sounds great, has the original box and accessories, but has an issue. In the last year it has refused to turn on about 10 times. Unplugging the unit from AC power for a few seconds brought it back to life each time, but I eventually snagged a 4K unit anyway. I'm not sure what to ask for this but it needs to go as I don't see myself using it. Asking $100 shipped in the 48 states. Thanks, Alex
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