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  1. Will trade for Nikon camera equipment?
  2. Hi all, I have a really clean Anthem MRX300 in need of some kind of service. It looks perfect, sounds great, has the original box and accessories, but has an issue. In the last year it has refused to turn on about 10 times. Unplugging the unit from AC power for a few seconds brought it back to life each time, but I eventually snagged a 4K unit anyway. I'm not sure what to ask for this but it needs to go as I don't see myself using it. Asking $100 shipped in the 48 states. Thanks, Alex
  3. What speakers? Maybe it’s road trip time!!
  4. I love the midrange and the dead silence of how they operate, but most of my gear just plays more nicely with solid state amps.
  5. Anyone have any interest in trades?
  6. I'm selling a pair of vintage tube amps made by McIntosh for Grason Stadler, that have been converted to MC40 spec. You can find more info on them here: http://www.indianaradios.com/Grason Stadler 162K McIntosh MC40 Amplifier.htm I bought them from this thread: I paid $2,600 for them, and I am asking the same. I'm open to trades for speakers, but I'd really be better off with cash. New price $2,300. I live in Springfield, Illinois, but can deliver to STL as I am there often.
  7. I hope that he’s building a custom 4x9” P39 woofer based center speaker!
  8. Did these ever sell? I'm in the market for a pair. Thanks!
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