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  1. 2 hours ago, K5SS said:

    How large is the room and what sound levels are you wanting? 


    The room size is a very important part, like Willland brought up.


    If you have a larger room, with areas open to the rest of the house, I would likely take away some of the receiver budget and put it towards a pair of killer subs.


    This gets brought up all the time but check out accessories4less.com for great deals on Marantz refurbished receivers. The 8012 is usually out of stock but the last time I checked, they had some 7012s available.


    I personally like the power amplifier/receiver combo but if you cross your speakers over at 80hz, that removes the majority of the receivers heavy-lifting duties so I would start with a receiver first and add an amp, if you feel the need. 


    Have you already purchased the speakers? Many of us here have got wonderful deals on Klipsch speakers, from a great member here. 


    If you have a larger room, subwoofers would be where I put a fairly large portion of your budget. 

    I am planning to buy some klipsch speakers..may i know who that member is please?

  2. 30 minutes ago, ACV92 said:

    Hey Avi!  Glad you could join.  Bit of advice though, never, ever, ever, give these folks an opportunity to enlighten you on audio type things.  They will help you spend your money, as I'm about to do.  One suggestion from me would be to double up on the subs.  Adds a few db's, helps with room modes, put's a bigger smile on your face, etc., etc.  Stick around these parts and we'll make you an addict, scout's honor.


    Congrats on the new home and new setup.  Once it's done you'll have endless hours of great sounding, well, everything.  Keep us posted on your progress. 

    Thank you so much for ur kind words. I will def update once I have my setup in place.

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  3. 12 hours ago, Islander said:

    Welcome to the forum!  Your proposed setup should sound pretty good, but I'm not familiar with that series of speakers, since my setup is all older Heritage Series, with some Pro Theater parts as well.


    Hopefully, some other members will chime in and share their knowledge and experience with you. 

    I appreciate your feedback, I'm really excited. 🙂

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  4. 11 hours ago, wvu80 said:


    Do you have a picture of your living room?  It would help to better visualize how the speakers would be placed.


    I'm questioning the use of RP-502s as REAR surrounds.  Those are Wide Dispersion Surround Technology which means dual side-firing woofers/tweeters.  This style of speaker is typically a SIDE surround. 



    A direct reflecting surround speaker in the BACK would typically be a bookshelf type speaker, or the wall mounted RP-500sa.


    Thank you so much for your feedback. I am complete newbie to this setup and I looked at RP-500sa, they will be best suited to my setup like you said. My new house is still under construction, so I only have a floor plan attached to this post to share with you. I am having it pre-wired to 7.1, planning to have 3 at the front LCR, two in-ceiling and 2 at the back.

    Media room.PNG

  5. Hi everyone,


    I’m new to the forum and going to setup my first ever home theater setup 5.1.2 in my newly finished basement and media room 13’x20’. I am doing all the research I can and my budget is around $5k and willing to stretch a little if its really necessary. I came up with the intial list. Any thoughts/suggestions is greatly appreciated.


    klipsch RP 280f (L&R)

    klipsch 504c (Center)

    2 klipsch RP 502s (rear surround)

    2 klipsch CDT 5800-C II (in ceiling for atmos)

    SVS PB2000 subwoofer

    Denon AVR-X3500H receiver


    Thanks again!!


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