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  1. Hello everybody, Does anyone know the sound difference between RP-160M and RP-600M? How much can you hear the difference? Best regards, Miilu Nielsen
  2. Thank you all of you. I have decided to get option 1, @willland I will go with your advise, I will go main fronts, center, sub, and then surrounds.
  3. @willland Thank you for your reply. No I will not have dual subwoofers, but I am considering add atmos speakers in the future. Unfortunately I don't know the size in L x W x H, but the room is about more or less 30 m2. I am thinking If I chose option 1, I will buy Floorstanding speakers at first, then center speaker and rear speakers and at last I would add the subwoofer. Because my budget is tight. I really like the size of RP-8000F and would look nice next to 65" TV. Is the extra costs really worth it with option 1? Will I regret if I choose options 2 or 3 instead of option 1? - Miilu
  4. Hello everyone, I am planning to get Klipsch Reference Premiere, but could not choose which ones I am going to choose.Option 1:KLIPSCH RP-8000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-504C as centerKLIPSCH RP-600M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferOption 2:KLIPSCH RP-6000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-404C as centerKLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferI would save about $650, if I choose option 2. Option 3: KLIPSCH RP-600M as front speakers KLIPSCH RP-504C as center KLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwoofer I would save about $1165 if I choose option 3 over option 1. And I would save about $515 if I choose option 3 over option 2. I will use Denon AVR-X1500H as receiver. I will use speakers mostly for movies, 70% for movies30% for music I am not planning to listen very loud, since we have two kids on 3 years old and 5 years old.Room size is medium.Thanks,Miilu
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