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  1. Sorry for disturbing this thread. I hope, the author had a great time! I decided to add that if you are going to visit a place for the first time and want to find out more about places of interest there, it is possible to check activities and tour sites. Personally I find them to be very useful. Maybe this source will be helpful for someone.
  2. Nikole567


    It is interesting to read this thread now. In 2014 I also knew nothing about Bitcoin. Though I invested in it two years later, so of course, I had to find out more about this cryptocurrency. In case there are people who want to learn more about Bitcoin, I suggest reading Bitcoin Wiki sources. Maybe this info will be useful for someone.
  3. Nikole567

    Bitcoin ETF?

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about Bitcoin ETF, I haven't used it. But I think, you can look through these Useful Tools. They can provide you with much useful information and features. Also they can help to ensure proper and safe trading. Maybe you will find a proper tool there. Hope it helps!
  4. Unfortunately, I can't give you a direct answer on your question, but I can recommend to look through these Navigation apps and websites. I like traveling, so I read much about it. Recently I've found a great source, and it has many travel-related categories, including navigation. I'm not tech savvy, but I hope you will find the solution there.
  5. I think, it is better to learn the cryprocurrency basics before investing money in it. I recommend to start with crypto projects that make crypto exist and what crypto communities are built around. Personally I began with reading Cryptocurrency reviews on Revain as there is much useful info about all major projects of the crypto world there. Maybe this source will be useful and helpful for someone.
  6. Nikole567


    Yes, I invested in Bitcoin and I'm glad that I didn't hear people who told me that it was a bad idea as the price increased and I can make money using cryptocurrency. Of course, people are different, and some of them are always skeptic and are not ready to risk. But still there are people who believe that crypto world has a great future. By the way, I was lucky to find a good source where such people share their experience in using Bitcoin https://revain.org/projects/bitcoin. Maybe you will find it interesting.
  7. Nikole567


    Frankly speaking, I'm afraid of biking. I prefer cycling. But my husband tells me that e-bike can change my mind, maybe I should go and try one of them. Thanks for sharing your experience, guys!
  8. i don't know about such a pillow, but maybe it is easier to find another headphones
  9. I'm thinking about buying an induction cooktop. My sister has it and recommended me it.
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