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  1. Hi


    i currently have the 8060fa as fronts. 504c center. 600m for side surrounds. Now to my question


    i got a good offer for the 280fa pair speakers. Will the 280fa match the 8060fa fronts if the 280fa will be for the back surrounds. Will this work?  I was originally going to go with another pair of 600m and the 500sa, but my friend is offering me his pair of 280fa at a steal of a price. The 600m and 500sa would cost me $250 more actually


    any thoughts. Thanks

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  2. 21 hours ago, HenrikTJ said:

    Now I understand a bit more why you want the RP-8060fa as your rears. However, I must stand by my opinion on the matter. If "in-ceiling" speakers aren't an option for you, I'd rather go for a smaller rear speaker with a RP-500SA on top.

    Ok thanks. Decided to go just with the 600m and 500sa as the rear surrounds with Atmos on top. 


    One last question.

    Do the rear surrounds need to point towards (toe in) the listening area like the fronts do?

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  3. 23 minutes ago, HenrikTJ said:

    Solid center and side surr. you've chosen there. I see you're considering the RP-8060fa as your fronts. If atmos is a desired feature in your HT, I urge you to consider the in-ceiling speakers before going for the "built-in atmos" speakers. However, I do understand ones hesitation on cutting holes in the ceiling, but the "built-in atmos" speakers are quite unreliable when it comes to delivering true height channel experience. It more or less depends on the ceiling you've got, the positioning of the speakers, the angles at which the sound hits the ceiling and so on. 


    On to your main question. Since you've already started with the RP-line speakers, I wouldn't want to break that pattern with a reference speaker as your rears. So if I had to choose between your two choices there, RP-8060fa would be my choice. Some might say such a big speaker could be a bit much as a rear, me included. My reasoning, such a big speaker would be wasted as a rear speaker thats only going to emit sound somewhere between 3-7 times a movie. Were I you, I'd opt for maybe another pair of RP-600M on stands as your rears, or maybe one of the smaller RP floorstanders Klipsch offers. 


    How many atmos channels are you going for? 


  4. My room is 23 ft long and 16-17 feet wide.


    As of right now I have purchased the klipsch 504c and 600m (side surrounds). But need help in choosing rear surrounds. The fronts I am going to be purchasing the 8060fa. 


    Question is, should I get another pair of 8060fa rear surrounds or should I just get the 625fa speakers?   Will I get more sound/bass with atmos if I go 8060fa for rears. 



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