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  1. Hi!

    a short update. Thanks for all the recommendations. reading yours and checking other reviews I decided to get my shortlist in a head to head shoot out [emoji4] Vincent 237MK (German hybrdid monster 2x150W), Naim Atom (solid state, one of recommended amps here, 2x40W), Unison Research Simply Italy (full valve 2x12W) and my nearly 30 years old Sony f519R (solid state, I guess 2x130W). And to make it short, my order from the good to the best matching would be: 4 Sony, 3 Vincent, 2 Atom and 1 Unison. I wrote from good to the best, because they actually all sound good including my old Sony and I cannot say anything but good things about those amplifiers. I think this is also because heresy IV are such a good speakers.I guess anything you hook up to will sound reasonable probably:) I had them only for 3 days, so this is not a proper testing but still the choice was not that hard to make.


    OK few words on the sound and some explanation. I would say that all the three solid state amplifiers sound pretty similar. The Vincent's power amp makes it sound as a solid state, and actually it was a bit brighter and sounds were less glued than in case of all the others. I had a hard time to pick my preferred sound, until... I started the Unison amp.  Not in every song, but in some really a magic is happening comparing to the all the rest. I guess the sound is not neutral, it is sweet comparing to a bit dry sounding SSes,  high frequencies are rolled off - it is not a reference sound, but still (at least for me) it sounded great. Guitars, voices, drums sounded very realistic and natural. And in some cases I got a feeling that the stereo separation is better. In some recordings there was an impression of a surround sound when the rest of amps was a bit more 2D. Unison has this third dimension. Although the stage seems to be lower than in SSes (I guess because of highs roll off). There is a bit less detail /resolution, highs are not that crisp but overall felling is that the music sounds right, as it should be.

    So being fully aware that the amp is not neutral and lowers the stage ... I picked it [emoji4] it just sounds good with Heresys. This is just my taste, maybe someone else would have another opinion (although my wife and my brother sheared my view).


    I want to add on more thing. Returning Naim Atom I was offered to check home a Chinese high end amp Line Magnetic LM 34ia. This is a tube,  2x40W, point to point amplifier. I must say it looks impressive and sounds very good, but... again I preferred the smoky sound of Unison more. Maybe for electronic music it had a bit more live, but in reproducing voices and real instruments Unison is a master in comparison. 






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  2. 5 hours ago, Panelhead said:


      You did not mention if an integrated amp is what you want. But if I was looking for a power amplifier only there are three that are on my radar. 


     If a new integrated under 2,000.00 is what you want. There an option way under cap. Love mine hooked up to LS II.

      The Micromega MyAmp is low power, but is plenty for H IV.  Dead quit, cannot tell if on. Great preamp, dac, Bluetooth, and remote in one package. Has trickle down technology from the Micromega M-One series of 5 - 7K integrated amplifiers. Plus sub out. (This MAY be of interest in the future)

      Is available CHEAP. 


    You are right, I should say it clearly. Yes I am looking for an in integrated unit. Micromega sounds interesting. I only wonder if this will sound significantly better than my old Sony F519 R I want to replace? Have you heard it maybe?  


    3 hours ago, RandyH 000 said:

    YAMAHA A---S1000


    Again I am not sure if this is a major upgrade from my sony. I think I would buy something only if I feel really a difference. 


    1 hour ago, SteveAudioFan said:

    I have tried many integrated with Klipsch Heritage, and I own a set of Heresy IV and Cornwall IV. I recently acquired and reviewed a Naim Atom and I have never heard the Cornwall's sound better. It even bests my Vinnie Rossi L2i SE integrated which costs 8X more. I am moving the Atom to a room with the heresy IV's and will buy a Naim Nova for the Cornwall's. Not bright, not harsh, not analytical or fatiguing. The Atom blew my mind, and even challenged my belief system as to what could be done with an all in one. 


    This is very interesting what you are saying. I actually thought about it since there was one pretty cheap a second hand Atom in my city to buy,  but after all I read somewhere (in few places) that the bass is a bit weak comparing to the rest of the spectrum. how do you find it playing with Heresys? Let's be open, they are just a bit soft in the low end. Bass is fast and controlled but I miss a bit a proper foundation in some recordings, not much and not always, but it would be good to have a strong amp in this part of the spectrum. My second argument against Atom (and all-in-one in general) that it will be ageing fast. ...but I can live with it (in particular buying a second hand unit) if only it sounds that good :)


  3. Hi All,


    I need your assistance. I have purchased Heresys IV two weeks ago and I am looking to upgrade my amlpifier as well. So I am looking for a solid state (maybe hybrid?) to power them. Budget 2000 USD more or less. As you know in this price range there are hundrets of not bad amps on the market and after tons of hours reading on internet I decided to ask here, where people know a bit more on Klipsches pairing.

    I got my long list already to demo, but I would like shorten this to 3 amps. So any recommendations very highly appreciated.

    Till now I would think about:

    1 Vincent (not sure which one SV 500, 227 MK, or 237MK)

    2 Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 (a bit pracey and hard to demo where I live)

    3 Unison Research Simply Italy (I have demoed it and I think it is a bit weak on bass, and it is all valve which I do not want becouse of many reasons, placement etc)


    I think that something which helps H4s slightly in the lower end but not losing the mids and highs is something I look for. ...Easy :)




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