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  1. Yeah, the price is a big thing to count into the equation obviously.

    If I were to buy a PL, it would be the EVO 400 Integrated.

    If Unison Research, it would be the Triode 25. It is about $2000 cheaper than the EVO 400 and some people claim it is more musical, tubey, etc.

    So hard to decide isn't it.



    Again, all the best with it.



  2. Welcome!

    I am relatively new too and this site is great.

    Still researching my first tube amp purchase and kind of waiting for COVID to go on it's way.

    I was really looking hard at the McIntosh MA252 integrated and then for some reason, the more I read, the more I really think PrimaLuna is a good choice and put it on the list along with one other.

    Not sure if you know about Unison Research but they supposedly make very nice equipment and it is put together in Italy. The Triode 25 is one I am really thinking hard about getting.

    That or the PL EVO 300/400.


    Good Luck!



  3. I watch a lot of Steve's reviews and shows but I really try to be careful when he supports something, especially the items that are relatively cheap and new to the market or not known by many. I wonder in the back of my head if he gets paid for that or if he gets a percentage of increased sales from the time he posted the review until so and so a time.


    I want to like and respect him but I don't totally trust him. Maybe I am wrong.



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  4. 17 hours ago, Fido said:

    For less than $200 you can add a Schiit Equalizer to your PL setup. I use one with my Turntable setup and use the built in equalizer in my Node 2i although I usually listen to both almost FLAT. I also have a large HSU sub and filling in those lower octaves makes all the difference in the world.


    Hi Fido,

    I honestly did not know that you could do that. I love music and am beginning to understand more about audiophile  stuff but yeah, thanks for that.

    Take Care


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  5. 19 hours ago, Mirko said:

    I feel ya on that and coming from a pioneer solid state world I’ve certainly missed the EQ tweaking I could do.  However I will say that over time and with break in the primaluna 400,  I’ve found it to sound exceptional, almost perfect...on good recordings.  For bad recordings or pressings I wish I had a preamp to tone things to my likeing.  Some people have told me why play bad recordings.  Haha. But seriously, I’ve made the jump with no tone controls and have been in audio heaven.  I currently have the Evo 400 paired with the heresy IVs and they do match incredibly well.  I’ve listened to this Evo 400 with the heresy IIs, and it’s not so much as pleasing through that setup. For whatever reason, it didn’t sound that good when I tried that with friends speakers but that could have been attributed to the amp “break in” period.  Over time I have noticed that the sound of the amp has become more “mellow” and more enjoyable.  I’ve been a huge skeptic for breaking periods as well. Not sure if it’s placebo or a real thing. I’ve just enjoyed the amp. 



    I feel the same about tweaking bad recordings with something like tone controls. Question for you. If you can't do that with the PL, could you add a SUB to it to help with bad recordings? I use my sub to compensate for harshness etc. when playing records that I probably got quality pricing pressings of when I had no money. Hey wait, I still have no money.


    Seriously, a SUB really helps me. I only use it maybe 10% of the time but when I do it really changes a bad recording into a listenable one.



  6. 41 minutes ago, Fido said:

    I didn't even audition the 300 when I auditioned my EVO 400 because I wanted this Integrated Amp purchase to be my last amp purchase if possible. But - having 8 power amp tubes makes rolling a lot more expensive  - I love the sound of my EVO 400


    That is where my mind is too Fido.

    8 tubes .... only 4 more 😉


    Just keep away from the NOS and you will do fine money wise lol.





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  7. Looking at all these posts and trying not to mislead you.

    I think it comes down to what you listen to. Me, I listen to a variety of music that the Simply Italy would shine with but my speakers have a 91db efficiency rating and I am not sure that would work with the SI. Your Klipsch are around the same so, that might just be an issue depending on the music you listen to.

    I like my bass though and have to listen to Sabbath the odd time 😉

    That would push me towards the Triode.

    It's a tough decision and the reviews of the SI are just fantastic from forums I have been on.

    The first watt matters and all that. 
    Make sure you let us know what you choose! And, good luck.


  8. I think I saw a picture with the 150's and the cage.

    I believe the guy added some sort of "spacers" at the bottom of the "feet".

    Anyways, I am glad you got the energy spurt to install the new tubes.

    I feel the same way Brother.
    Covid has us in a state of malaise.


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  9. 4 minutes ago, dynamos said:

    My EVO 400 has been using 8ohm connections for cornwall IV's so far, with no sub connected for music - just to get a good feel of the sound. Next week I'm going to try the 4ohm taps and compare. I'm taking my time - I still haven't tied a sub in with music...but that's coming. For me, PL has opened up music like I've never heard it before. Only 10 days, and still getting warmed up!




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