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  1. 2 hours ago, Fido said:

    The PL EVO 400 has plenty of power even with speakers that are only 90 db efficient. I have Forte 1s and they are not as efficient as the Forte 111s but they can blow me out of my house. Because I love the lowest octaves in my music I have  large HSU Subwoofer and my system sounds amazing. I had the Macintosh MA 252 and it was very good but the PL EVO 400 is WOW WOW WOW!


    The PL has a subwoofer out so you dont need to run wires from your speakers to a sub.


    Thanks Fido.

    I meant to ask about the 4ohms vs 8ohms.

    The Forte and my current speakers are 8 ohm rated.

    Seems like using the 4 ohm speaker posts are the trend here in this forum.

    Is that the wisdom here?

    It brings out deeper bass?

    There are no issues with the amp or speakers...re: damage?




    Great forum. Funny, I thought it would just be Klipsch stuff but there are tons of topics on just about everything.

    Take Care

  2. Hey Guys,

    First post as I just joined this forum today.

    I was searching for information on the PrimaLuna EVO 400 and stumbled upon this thread.
    I have to say, it has tons of great information and is one of the best threads or reads, I have gone through for this amp and the PL line in general.

    I had to laugh a bit. Seems like many of us think the same. I have never had a tube amp before and was really thinking that the McIntosh MA252 would be my first 

    venture into it. Just like some here. Then, around a month or so ago, I started putting that dream aside and concentrating on PL.


    Just some questions if you don't mind.


    I notice that many of you have the Klipsch Forte 3 speakers and I looked at their specs and was blown away by the 99db sensitivity rating.

    Mine are the PSB Imagine T2 Tower speakers and their sensitivity rating is 90db.

    Do you think the 400 would be able to produce the bass levels with my speakers?

    Or, if I kept the speakers, would the addition of a SUB work in compensating and creating the low frequency sound?

    On that note, looking at the back it seems that there is no way to hook the sub into speaker terminals and they use a RCA connection.

    Never used a sub that way. I guess it is doable though. 



    Looks like a great site.

    Really stoked that so many people here seem to love the PrimaLuna amps. 


    Take Care

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