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  1. I heard that covid can increase our chances of having ED. Do you think it is true? I have had some issues with it, but the meds I got from Enhance Club solved those for me. But I am a bit worried now anyway. Let me know what you think about such stuff, guys...
  2. Do you think there are some really good online dating apps or services in 2021 where you can find a soulmate? Looks like all services I tried are just junk...
  3. I still think it is kinda gambling... You can make some money on BTC, but you still have chances of losing it. I prefer online poker lol :D I like using some of the services from this list of casinos, and it is pretty fun playing those games there. I know I lose more than I win, but it is still really fun
  4. I have just started my Instagram blog, and I really love it. Let's discuss everything related here and share some tips on how to grow/develop your Instagram. that would be so cool! I need to get more followers for my blog now, and I would appreciate any input on how to do that effectively. Maybe you can share some ideas here, thank you so much in advance!
  5. That's great. What treats do you use while training him? I would like to get any tips on those, I have no idea. We have started training our puppy, so I am looking for options. There are some interesting things on Pet Pharmacy, for example, which I would like to try out soon. What do you recommend?
  6. kellypea


    I really like the impossible burger, beyond meat is great too... I also think that it is really healthy and good for you. I try to eat healthier these days, so it is important to me. I often take some vitamins and supplements from Canadian pharmacy too, for example. Which I think are really important. What are your tips on such things?
  7. I drink bottled water pretty often, and that's the only water I really like.... I also think that it is really good for your health. I try to eat and drink healthy, so water is really important. I also take some good and healthy meds and supplements from Canadian pharmacy which I think are the best. Thank you guys for the replies about the water brands you like, I will check those out
  8. I would like to see more cute pets here I have to cats, will upload an image soon too. I would also like to get some recommendations on good pet supply stores from you here. Where do you buy that stuff for your pets? I like Pet Pharmacy a lot, for example, and I recommend that you check it out too. Any input here will be much appreciated, thank you in advance!
  9. True... It is cool that cannabis has been legalised in NY finally though. I have been taking CBD and oils with terpenes for a while, and I have to say that they are pretty cool and helpful to me. I take those for insomnia, and they beat it easily. What do you think about terpenes? Maybe you will find those helpful to you too, have a look a the service I shared and let me know. I would also like to hear more about your experience with such things
  10. MindKillers is really awesome, I like it a lot, I have to say! I also like watching those TV shows on Fox, for example. They are pretty fun too. I have bought a Firestick and installed some IPTV services on it using the tutorial from https://www.firesticktricks.com/best-iptv-service.html It works really well now, and I am pretty happy with the selection of channels there
  11. Do you think it is worth taking a small loan to invest in Bitcoin? I have been thinking about it, and I guess if I play my cards right it might be pretty interesting. For example, this service from https://maybeloan.com/calculators/loan-payments-calculator offers some good loans which I guess might be helpful. It would be cool to get any tips from you here, guys
  12. kellypea

    Can’t sleep

    So I have insomnia now too... Nothing really helps me, and I am not sure what else to try. I don't want to take any pills though. I want to try CBD products now too. What do you think about such stuff? My friend recommends the oil from GoldBee brand, and he says it is the best thing he's ever took. I am not sure... Would love to get more tips and recommendations here, thank you in advance!
  13. How did it go? I hope I will get it soon too... Do you think vitamins are good for you and can help improve your health until you get a vaccine? I often buy some vitamins from Canadian pharmacy, for example, and I think they work for me. But I would still like to get some tips and advice from you here, guys
  14. I haven'd got it yet, but I will. I hope it will help end this nightmare... I just take a lot of vitamins and pray that I will be ok... I have ordered a new batch of pills from Canadian pharmacy for this Spring season. Can't wait to get the vax
  15. kellypea

    Food Porn

    Oh, guys! I am trying to lose some weight, what are you doing with me :D I have to eat healthy and exercise a lot... I also take some supplements from Canadian pharmacy which are good for me. Maybe you can give me some tips here? I want to lose extra asap and start eating tasty food again
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