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  1. ok ill get another pair of bookshelf for the rears
  2. so sell the r 14s and r 41m and get to rp bookshelf for side and surround then right
  3. so im moving and plan on having a dedicated room for movies room is 20x14x9 i have sr6013 rp280f rp450c now my problem is i saw some r 14s surrounds and r 41m books shelf speakers on sale so i bought them i also have some in ceiling speakers for atmos my question is should i sell the r 14s and r 41m and get matching rp speakers to match lcr and also im told that for atmos stay with monopole for sides and rears not bipole or dipole just looking for some help
  4. ok i ordered the 8000f but torn between some r 14s surrounds that $166 for pair or rp 502s
  5. so i have some old synergy speakers maybe 17 years old got a chance to get the rp 450c for a deal was wondering if i could get the 8000f instead of the matching 280f or should i stay matching
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