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  1. Animals followed closely by WYWH. In fact, I chose Welcome to the Machine as a track I'll use in my upcoming A/B comparison of Cornwall vs LaScalla. I think it's a perfect song in the genre to test. I first saw Floyd in concert as a teen in NYC in 1977 Animals tour where in addition to performing the whole of Animals and WYWH, they went through half of Dark Side. Next was The Wall tour in early '80s, and finally their last one in the 90s. Also saw Roger Waters concerts several occasions. Very professional production but mush too political which distracted from the actual music.
  2. First, hello to everybody and especially the regulars who taught me a lot by their postings. My situation: bought a new house few mos ago but won't be moving in till Sept. I've been in it just once and unfortunately when I toured the home I didn't have audio gear on my mind, so no precise measurements of the main listening area ("great room"). Best estimate, at least 14-16' x 25-30'. Weird ceiling modern architecture w steep vaulted portion then extends higher at apex to a windowed vertical open structure. Will post pics when I get to that. In any case, I'm about to A/B CW IV vs LS and even adding Fortes in the mix (as safety net in case of wife). My question at this point is purely theoretical. Depending whatever I eventually choose and if I find that bass is not to my preference once everything's in place and broken in, what are your thoughts on installing a pair of good quality in-wall SW? I haven't encountered a similar setup in my searches. Currently I have a pair Klipsch 8" in ceiling placed at the 10ft mark of vaulted ceiling and Klipsch SW behind the couch fed through a Sonos amp. That's it. It's OK and even enjoyed this setup for several yrs now. With the move I'll finally acquire the speakers and components I've always wanted. This will be for music listening only, no HT. Also, external SW are not an option and if I do eventually go the in-wall SW route will be high end. Hopefully the system may not even need SW, but just in case. So thanks for any input, (or recommend I post this in SW thread?)
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