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  1. Heres a measurement of the lower bass bins, close up. Less room in this measurement, Khornukopia Whats your point? It seems you are not sure what to do with the measurements? I took a measurement at 1m, at 115db, and I posted it already.... That measurement wasn't to show FR, considering the room is going to destroy the response due to reflections..... I didn't take time to voice the drivers and in combination with room influence...the response looks crazy....Even more confusing is the increasing sensitivity into the midrange of the Acoustic elegance 18h+ and the slot cancellation. Long story short....after voicing and considering an anechoic response, I can get a pretty neutral response. under 2.5+/- with not a lot of filtering. The bass bins seem to fit well, till about 65hz, and then the mid takes over.... I posted the last measurements to show a response of the bass that was more like an anechoic chamber.......I don't have an anechoic chamber so I have to put the mic as close as possible to the drivers/exit in order to hopefully drown out as much room influence as possible. Do you understand now? I would love to continue the conversation here, but the moderator/designer has chosen to limit my posting to whatever he finds appropriate...I've posted several times regarding details and loudspeaker design and the moderator never approves them....I think he's intimidated by my knowledge and doesn't want me to put his design under the microscope which might affect sales since this forum is basically a sales front. Catch you guys on the flip side! Anyone wanting to learn a lot about loudspeaker design so that you too can judge speakers in the most critical sense, come on over to DIYaudio dot com where there are plenty of talented designers.
  2. Actually group delay does change with input level.... the Q of the drivers change with excursion also ☺️ Thd also can be looked at as affecting transient response. Its just that the distortions, thd and others seem to set in similarly... which makes sense being that we are dealing with reaching the outter limits of xmax and the surround.
  3. OK heres a THD reading at 115db-ish..... This is the woofers at the bottom of the picture in the PPSL...just the left channel... I will do one of the 15" midbass but I'll save that for day time.... That thing is a full range speaker almost and I'm not doing 115db with Axi right now, inside....but I already showed the outside measurement at 115db which is much more preferable anyways...It'll be cool to see the 15" in combo with the 18"s also.....At least to me....I don't think you guys are into this stuff like I am lol, I put a 2nd order buttersworth low pass at 45hz and cranked the volume.... Theres no voicing and its in a random room so don't expect a nice pretty and flat line like you might get from an anechoic measurement. you can't compare these to the Jubilee's bass bin thd measurements.....they don't exist. Thd is the signature of mechanical strain, less is better.
  4. Understandable... from my perspective... if you were a true lover of cars, the first thing you would have done as an owner would be to take it to the dyno.... it just depends how passionate you are and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.... for another car lover just owning the mcLaren is enough... he just likes that its fast and attracts girls... different strokes for different folks... but I'm more the first guy not so much the second.
  5. German made, its just a big elliptical tractrix horn of wood. Cutoff is supposed to be 150hz....
  6. Thats not "the standard".... its "a standard"... I can try this inside if youd like.... but the measurement will be clouded with the rooms response.....Let me eat my food first lol
  7. I'm sorry I didn't mean to ignore this post... I've been too lazy to drag my woofers into the back yard but I will eventually and I'll share them. No biggie right? Theres another valid measurement we could do to compare woofers... measurements taken with a few inches of the the source... kinda hard to do with the jubilee and its dual mouths. Ill still take what I can get... If I take a close up measurements any particular level you lookin for?
  8. a sine sweep at 115db is pretty loud, I'd recommend using hearing protection or just do it outside....The Jubilee is rated over 120db max so its shouldn't be a struggle for it. THD readings are a common performance rating....thd at 115db/1m is a good metric to rate a top shelf high efficiency design. I think we established that you are on the customer side not so much the design side of things.... You may not find such measurements interesting, entertaining, or relevant....and thats ok lol! Me "buy this truck!" You "how fast is it?" Me "really fast, just trust me" You "I really like you and other people do to.....I'll just take your word for it....How much for the truck?" Me "1million dollars" You " well it must be good if it cost that much.....I'll save up my money but in the mean time could you please share how fast the truck is?.....Like whats its 0to 60 time, 1million is a lot to give someone without seeing some detailed data!!!!" Me "Sorry I can't share that.....just give me 1million dollars and then you can test it yourself! I can have someone drive by us so you can see how fast it is but we can't let you know the actual speed ok?" You "ok!" Lol!!!!
  9. I'm pretty good on my own but thanks for the suggestions lol.... I asked for Thd measurements not a life coach lmao!
  10. once again, we agree.... Remember, all I asked for was does anyone have some THD measurements of the 2nd gen Jubilee lol! All hell broke loose lol
  11. Sounds like you don't have much going for yourself....I mean what else would someone like you be doing, besides trolling me.... I'm some random person on the internet, whats your interest in me....nothing else better to do is my bet. Probably for a long time now lol
  12. Simulation led to design of the Axi2050 and every other new product you'll likely see come around the bend....You can down play it but everyone uses it now....wiggle wiggle it will get you only so far....much farther than those who don't know how to do it lol
  13. It was random really but the link you shared is all speculation, and no measurements so still not very objective. I don't want to build one of Bills horns but I do recognize that Bill is an expert on cabinet bracing.......
  14. If by pissing you off, you mean " asking for measurements" ....not a chance. You assemble the speakers? what does that even mean? Like a kit? A kit isn't a recipe....Like you had to assemble the cabinets from scratch? You are never very specific it seems. The DSP settings he gave you were made custom for your room? why do I doubt that, unless he came to your room, and took measurements and created a voicing made specifically for your room and listening position and speaker position.....You are lacking sir. The proper way is to take measurements and create a voicing yourself, in situ, using a measurement mic, ears, DSP and know how.
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