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  1. Good point. As for Cisco switches, it is possible to buy a used one with a full lifetime guarantee. It will cost 40% to 80% off Cisco list price. I addressed Northland Systems by link for this purpose.
  2. Good info. I'm in search of a new mattress now. Queen size seems to be a good option for me and my wife. But she suffers from back pain and I can't choose a proper mattress. Or should I pay attention to only one brand?
  3. Cool info. I can follow your post as a step-by-step guide. Thanks.
  4. My grandmother lives in such an area. When I come to see her, it is pretty difficult to stay connected. What helps me is this Nuera Telecom Internet. It works fine, at least I can check work documents.
  5. Yes, it is still active and it's great! This questionary has eased my life. I'm going to create a website. This will be my first project and I'm clueless about many things. Having looked through the website builder reviews and guides, I understood that I need a really easy-to-use tool as I don't have any coding knowledge. But except for the technician part, I need to do research. So, thanks for sharing such useful information.
  6. I don't know much about cryptocurrency and it seems too risky for me. In my view, it's better to have your own business, agree?
  7. I think the choice depends on your preferences. What kind of games do you like? I'm currently playing Minecraft and Call of Duty.
  8. Though it is possible to do a hearing test online, even clinics offer them on their sites, it is still better to do the audiological evaluation. First of all, you will be examined by a professional. Also, there exists a hidden hearing loss that can be identified only by an audiologist after a special test. Usually, people with this kind of hearing loss have issues hearing at noisy places and it is not detectable on standard hearing tests.
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    This is a good one! Thanks for making me laughing out loud ☺️
  10. I've jst finished the Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Great book. If you like detective stories, it is worth reading.
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