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  1. Another SH2.0 lurker and finally took the dive. Still have to finish up some things but plugged them and and sounded great. I think I have the Heresy 1.5? (HWO 153Y806 - K77M, K52H, K22K) so bought all new components to fit “the recipe”. Life’s short…right? -Crites B Crossover (modified) -CT120 Tweeter -A-55g/2 + K700 Midrange -Eminence Kappalite 3012HO woofer Totally got lost on the crossover and Crites hooked me up with a “Type B Modified” Here is the weird thing…the new midrange does not seem to fit. It seems like the box was not as deep for the K52H. It’s also possible I messed up but still trying to figure that out. I put weather strip to seal the back so that raises the back board a bit for clearance. Thanks Claude!!! -Paul ( CT)
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