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  1. Feel like I’ve missed a bit since I’ve last been on. Are JEM’s now highly regarded caps? No bad experiences yet?
  2. Funny you mention that, I had just found a Technics SL-M3 online and was considering it. I personally dig the suspended SL models.
  3. Update: Two months after acquiring, I haven’t done any modifications, and I’m satisfied. After finding the best placing in the room, positioned in the corners—kinda like khorns—toed in so that the sweet spot is about a foot or so in front of my face, and tuning my subs to compliment the LS, I’ve just been enjoying the music. Only itch I’ve been having since has been finding a second turntable for my rougher vinyls. Thanks again to everyone who offered their advice. ✌🏽
  4. 100% MacOS. I’ve been referred to as youngblood before. I’d appreciate the help!
  5. I’m starting to lean into the idea of building my own crossovers from scratch so as to keep the og’s alone incase I want to return to them. @Rolox really got me interested in Russian PIO caps. A couple things that I keep reading mixed opinions regarding crossovers is the significant difference between Type A and AA. It seems to also be a point of preference depending on listening habits. Secondly, the acceptable uf and v values; 1.8uf or 2.2uf being a stand in for a 2uf cap, or a 6uf, 6.8uf, and even a 12uf being a stand in for the 13uf cap. Also wondering about 160v vs 600v etc, and mix matching v’s: like a 2uf 200v with 6.8uf 100v. @Crankysoldermeister I read a couple of you super old entries along with other users responses that made me wonder about the appropriate uf and v values (idk if values is the right word but I’m using the language I got).
  6. @pcbiz Thanks for sharing. I’ll dig in since I’m in the middle of a flight. 😎
  7. Unfortunately I don’t have a windows platform to download the calculator. Been reading on replacement horns for the k55 and got sucked into a wormhole. I’m guessing there’s no easy plug and play swap that also fits perfect into the lascala. If I had the initial shape I’d be able to make my own tractrix horn to see what it sounds like. I may get some of the asphalt dampening sheets just to see if it helps any. So far repositioning the speakers has helped tremendously. Hopefully I can recap the crossovers soon and order some gaskets from crites. Still enjoying as is. Starting to wonder what I got myself into 🫠
  8. I'd be interested in potentially casting a tractrix horn out of aluminum for the stock hole of the LaScala. Sounds like a good time. I've made sand molds for iron castings in the past. Always wanted to make some molds for aluminum casting. Sounds easier. The trick is fabricating the initial form to mold around.
  9. I’m handy enough to fool myself into believing I may be able to build one if the right specs were available. Question for anyone who may know: Are the K400 horns iron or aluminum casted?
  10. I read somewhere that [a] Dave developed a tractrix midrange horn. Is that the same Dave that made the SMAHL?
  11. I'd only be interested in swappable and reversible options. Found this in an older thread with the tractrix horn installed.
  12. Tractrix horn sounds like a great idea. I came across a 2009 thread where they built one and kept it looking stock. Moderately loud is how I listen too.
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