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  1. Budget isn't too big of a concern I want a proper set up I just don't know if I'm better off putting the money towards new subs since there's no issue with the pioneer elite
  2. So do you think the marantz sound would be noticabley different/better
  3. Hello all so I currently running two rp280f up front with a rp500c. Using 4 rp500m for rears and surround and in the process of getting 2 new subs. I currently have been using a pioneer elite vsx lx101 that was actually given to me. For a free receiver I can't complain but I now have the opportunity to pick up a marantz sr8002. I know this is a better receiver but it'll cost me a cpl hundred which is fine I'm more concerned with will it be an upgrade? Is the extra power/quality something that will outweigh it's age and features compared to the pioneer? Will I actually hear a noticeable improvement? Please advise, thanks
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