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  1. Amazing feedback. Thanks to all. Will report back when more info available. Thanks again.
  2. While trouble shooting previously a sound technician suggested the humming could just be the volume vibrating the turntable. We tried relocating turntable further on 4 “foot” vibration pads. This was not successful. That technician made the suggestion to turn the speakers upside down as has been suggested in this thread.
  3. Some call it a man cave haha. There is a TV and a well stocked fridge! Yes, the garage is heated in the winter. I maintain a temperature of about 10 C (50 F). Thank you for all your comments. Hopefully the new tech gets out this week.
  4. Yes but pic too large. I had set them up in the corner of my garage on platforms 6 feet off ground. The platforms I built just fit the speakers. In order to service them I have had to build additional platforms to rotate them to get at the rear.
  5. Greetings, I live near Toronto, Ontario. Apologies for long message. I recently moved my rarely used sound system from my basement at home to my garage at the cottage. The system is over 30 years old. The system consists of the receiver, a Pioneer VSX9300 and a newer average priced turntable and the older 5 disc CD player. The speakers are Klipsch (label attached). I am the furthest thing from an audiophile and purchased the system from a friend in some financial distress. When I first moved the system and set up the turntable the speakers would start to "hum" at approx. 3-4 or 10am on the volume dial. The CD would skip at higher volume. I called a local tv/stereo shop and they sent out a technician. I believe we solved the cd problem when he held the player up and balanced it with one hand we could increase volume no problem. I didn't have a chance to follow up on the final solution due to what happened next. When trying to eliminate the humming when playing the turntable he switched up some cables. When he increased volume smoke started billowing out of the back of one of the speakers. He had no explanation and ultimately left saying he will report back to shop and another technician more familiar will visit when back from holidays. Thank you for any feedback.
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