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Found 2 results

  1. Hello sirs, I have been using RP-8000F and Yamaha A-S801 combo for quite some time now, listening to anything that can be listened to. It sounds alright with generally non-bass-heavy music like classic rock, but falls literally flat with anything relying on low-end. This manifests itself on certain compositions, and a vivid example is Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps. As soon as the drums start, it feels like -15dB below 140 Hz. Each kick there has no immediate impact and a very faint “rumbling” bass after. This is true for any input on A-S801 and any source – RCA (with or without direct mode) from a MacBook, bluetooth dongle or external preamp; vinyl with or without built-in phono; or built-in DAC. The same sources sound “properly” in the drums part on any of the headphones or other sets of speakers I have, but exhibit the said problem with A-S801 outputting into RP-8000F. Also, there is typically barely any movement from the woofers of RP-8000F, even on very bass-heavy music. The overall volume can already be close to unbearable before the cones have visible movement. This does not make a lot of sense to me as the cone suspension is not that stiff – not a car subwoofer level of stiff. Interestingly, the bass is decent while listening to anything with rumbling / splashing / slamming low end, e.g. DJ Shadow – Suicide Pact; Run The Jewels – Lie, Cheat, Steal; Xzibit – Lax. But there is only so much I listen can listen to of that sort. I happened to try RP-8000F with a very cheap 15W amp for several days, and the difference in the low end to A-S801 was staggering. The room, cabling and the sources were the same. It was apparent that the amp struggled at times, but it just sounded like a pair of floorstanders with impactful bass on any composition that had it. The cones of the woofers were also visibly moving from mid volumes – to the extent you would expect from a 2-woofer setup. What could be the reason for that behaviour with RP-8000F and A-S801 combo? Are there any obvious specs of A-S801 that just do not go with RP-8000F, which I should avoid with future amps? Also, any proven amp recommendations within USD 2.5k would be greatly appreciated. For now I am looking to give a listen to Cambridge Audio CXA61 (CXA 81?) and Yamaha A-S1200. TLDR: The low end of RP-8000F plus A-S801 combo sounds extremely underwhelming and flat, whereas a random 15W / USD 20 amp shakes the world with the same sources and the same room. What could be the problem? Recommended amps to go with RP-8000F within USD 2.5k?
  2. I'm planning to buy Klipsch RF-82 II & Yamaha A-S801 but I'm concerned about their compatibility. I watched some videos where it is recommended to buy an integrated amp with at least 50% more power than speakers' power. According to this advice, these two are not compatible. RF-82 II's power is 150W where A-S801 sends 100W per channel. But there are issues about sensitivity too. So can anyone tell me if Yamaha A-S801 is going to be enough for RF-82 II? Thank you in advance. Cem A-S801 specs: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/amps/a-s801/ RF-82 II specs: http://images.klipsch.com/RF82II_635042119237310000.pdf
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