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  1. Update Monday 20 January 2020. I received the JBL Bar 5.1 soundbar and subwoofer yesterday. It works right out-of-the-box just like I expected a 5.1 sound system to work and sound in full-time, room-filling 5.1 sound from all sources, both stereo and 5.1 source. Let me repeat that: 5.1 surround sound full-time from all sources, whether stereo music sources or 5.1 video sources. Full-time 5.1 surround sound, loud enough to be heard ALL the time during two 2+ hour movies (Star Wars, The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens). The Klipsch Bar 48 5.1, in comparison, played surround sound barely loud enough for only a few seconds at a time and only during a few loud scenes during the same two 2+ hour movies. Also, Bluetooth paired with no problems to my computer and smartphone (Klipsch Bluetooth failed to connect on 2 of 3 units I tried). After trying three BAR 48s with 5.1 in the last six weeks, the result is obvious to me now: Klipsch fails to deliver 5.1 surround sound on the BAR 5.1, nor do they acknowledge the problems (including Bluetooth failure to pair), nor do they promise a date when it will fully work as well as the competition does right out-of-the-box. Competition 1, Klipsch 0. Game over for me. I'm happy with the JBL Bar 5.1 and will be returning the Klipsch BAR 48 5.1 today. ***** Update 15 January 2020. Where to start? Klipsch has really dropped the ball with the BAR 48, in lack of features and poor quality control. 1) Out of 3 BAR 48s I’ve had in two months, two fail to pair with Bluetooth, including the latest unit. This is a show-stopper for me. I haven’t decided whether to seek a 4th replacement or get a refund and go with a competitor which I know works well and sounds nearly as good. 2) Out of 3 sets of Surround 3 speakers I’ve had, one pair produced static, none are loud enough while playing 5.1 surround videos (such as Star Wars Last Jedi), and none play stereo sources on the S3 speakers louder than a whisper, which I fully expected to enjoy (given that simple car audio and home theater receives plays stereo sources on all speakers using ‘Balance’ for left-right and ‘Fade’ for front-back balance). I may just return them for a refund, since 5.1 is an option for me, as I’m fine with 3.1. 3) I’ve an online support request. The tech said he has forwarded a bug report to engineering. I replied I hope he forwards these concerns to marketing, engineering and manufacturing so they can decide on a competitive feature set and improving product quality. 4) Kudos to Amazon for their extended return/exchange dates during the annual holiday period starting at Thanksgiving (extending normal 30-day returns to January 31). ***** Update Mon Dec 30, 2019, 1200PM PST. In short, I received the replacement BAR 48 (from Amazon), updated the firmware (to v23 of 12/13/2019) and was disappointed (again) the Surround 3 (2nd set) speakers remain whisper quiet even with Dolby Digital and Surround lights on. To add insult to injury, Bluetooth does not connect (Bluetooth on the 1st BAR 48 worked fine to connect to both my Windows 10 computer and Android smartphone). Bottom line, if this were any other brand and I absolutely had to have 5.1 rather than 3.1, I'd shytecan it and never look back, but I'm a long-time fanatic for the Klipsch sound and Klipsch delivers for me again in amazing 3.1 sound from the affordable BAR 48. Having 5.1 with the Surround 3 speakers is an option that doesn't work for me and I'll simply return them for a refund. I can easily exchange the BAR 48 on Amazon again to get Bluetooth back online (Kudos to Amazon. Each year, from Thanksgiving onward, Amazon offers deep discounts and allows returns/exchanges through Jan 31 for almost everything). ***** Update Sun Dec 22, 2019, 1640PM PST. In short, I'm waiting to received a replacement BAR 48, then will test the Surround 3 volume output. I chatted with Amazon tech support, explained everything I have done (firmware update, exchange of Surround 3 speakers). After we tried an HDTV audio out adjustment, they will exchange the BAR 48 for a new one. I should receive the new replacement BAR 48 in a few days. Note: Klipsch tech support has not responded to my online service request in 12 days. ***** Update Dec 21, 2019, 1800PM PST. Bad news for the replacement S3 speakers I received today. I received the replacement Surround 3 speakers, plugged them in and connected them. The low-volume sound problem still exists with this new set of speakers. I have the BAR 48 Surround volume turned up all the way for both channels. I have to put my ear up to the speakers to hear them, which makes them useless. I am confident I properly installed the BAR 48 firmware v23 (dated 12/13/2019) several days ago (all the lights lit up in sequence as the PDF said they would). Update 1830PM. I updated the BAR 48 to firmware v23 again. No change in the low-volume problem. Sigh. ***** Update 12/16/2019: Klipsch just posted a firmware update for the BAR 48, firmware v23, which includes this fix: "Increased Surround Output when Rear Surrounds are present." Ironically, two days ago I returned the Surround 3 speakers and am waiting for a replacement set to be shipped to me for this exact problem. I went ahead and installed the firmware update and will be ready when the Surround 3 speakers arrive. Fellow owners, if you want to try this on your BAR 48 to see if it improves sound volume for the Surround 3 speakers, please post here and let us know your findings. ***** Original Post 12/09/2019: I have a BAR 48 sound bar, which I love. I just added the Surround 3 speaker pair and adjusted the surround volume to maximum, but I can still barely hear the sound. The surround speakers are on my desk. By comparison the BAR 48 across the room drowns out the surround speakers. My BAR 48 firmware was up-to-date out of the box (I just checked in klipsch.com, which said it has the current firmware, v14, released 7/17/2019, region Global). I've adjusted the Surround 3 speaker volume to maximum (using the Surround button on the remote as per the Klipsch PDF). Is there another way to turn up the surround speakers louder? Am I missing something else? Or should I request support from Klipsch?
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