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Found 5 results

  1. My eye candy CD post. Using FB quick pic. $4 Shipping $5 including new DVD padded bag - hold 4 DVDs in cases. At least 4 CDs? Or new LP mailer - 1 to 12 CDs? in jewel boxes. Could also ship w/o Jewel boxes. Should be able to combine CD and LP in one LP mailer.
  2. So no Bonnie Raitt fans.... I might have accepted as little as $4, maybe even $2. So if you're interested, join the Original Vinyl Auction Group on FB. Maybe I'll start at $4. Or maybe $2. So maybe now I should just delete and post in Alerts! So report me. My image here is too clean. roflmao More LPs available not sure if will post here or maybe another vinyl auction group on FB that I think may allow multiple sales per day. The Original allows 1 per 24 hours.... WTH!?! Limited number of new posts? Wait 24 seconds. GRRRRRRRRRRR I have one pending.... I started this morning.. $6 + $5 shipping PayPal Goods & Services (Friends & Family if I know you well) New shippers. Will combine to fill shipper for same rate media mail attempt 2
  3. I don't really want to sell this but putting up for sale in hopes I can raise enough money to be able to make the Hope gathering. Price reduced to $300. Great AMP. Really Nice looking VU meeters though the orange on the needles is kind of faint. Can't afford a Mac with those to die for hug VU meters? This is the closest you'll get. Proton D1200 Stereo Amplifier Serious Inquiries Only please. I really do not want to ship this amplifier. Any buyer is responsible for shipping and packing charges. It was shipped to me for around $32?. From California. Very insufficient packing in my mind. A think layer of bubble wrap around the front in a (thankfully) very sturdy Pioneer receiver box of peanuts. That's it. Expect at least $50 or more to pack and ship. Available for pickup and/or delivery in Kokomo Indiana and surrounding area. Will deliver for the $300 to Kokomo and reasonable distances. Indianapolis. Lafayette. Fort Wayne. South Bend. Should be able haul to Hope if I am able to go. Need to raise some funds for that and some bills. (sigh). I can take and post more pictures if anyone is seriously interested. Loved this amp since it came out many years ago. Still do. And no. I do not intend to put this on eBay. Maybe Audiogon or if I can find a Proton Lovers Forum. Proton, you will remember, began as the high end division of NAD .... or so I read somewhere on the internet. lol Powering Klipsch CA-5T (left) and AW-525 (right) speakers on Deckzilla by Pondzilla. Sound meter about 36' away from speakers 12' above ground, meter about 4' above ground. Videos... https://youtu.be/oTlG96o7ajg https://youtu.be/OYiXI0z_RfM
  4. Is anyone interested in complete operas? On LP. I may have more. A couple of boxed sets not operas. Here's a list of the complete operas I found. A couple are not opera so will make it up with normal LPs if I get them posted.. Pictures to follow... Puccini - La Boheme $4 Cover: G – spine broken, corners split Vinyl: VG – VG+ Anna Moffo – Costa – Merrill – Tozzi – Maero – Leinsdorf conducting RCA Victor Red Seal Living Stereo LSC-6095 Year unknown 2 LPs, Libretto, 1977 Opera News Magazine Selected by the Metropolitan Opera Georges Bizet - Carmen $6 Cover: G – VG delaminating in back kind of worn looking Vinyl: G surface scratch edge to ½ probably click otherwise VG to VG+ Marylin Horne – James McCracken – Leonard Bernstein Conducting Deutsche Grammophon 2709 043 (P) 1973 Polydor International 3 LPs, very nice full color libretto The scratch looks like a hair laying across the grooves in this picture The libretto is very nice full color. Puccini – Madama Butterfly $6 Cover: G – split in corners – back some discoloratin Vinyl: VG+ - looks very clean Renata Scotto – Placido Domingo – Ingmar Wixell – Gillian Knight – Florindo Andreolli Ambrosian Opera Chorus – Philharmonia Orchestra – Loren Maazel Conducting Columbia Masterworks M3 35181 © (P) 1978 CBS 3 LPs, libretto Johan Strauss - Die Fledermaus - $4 Cover: G – VG – split in corners Vinyl: VG+ - looks very clean Lily Pons – Ljuba Welitsch – Martha Lipton – Richard Tucker – Charles Kullman – John Brownlee – Metropolitan Opera Association Chorus and Orchestra – Eugene Ormandy Conducting Columbia Odyssey Mono Y2 32666 © 1973 CBS 2 LPs Libretto The following 2 are in another later in this post with pics.. Beethoven - Missa Solemnis - $4 Cover: G – VG splitting in corners Vinyl: VG+ - looks very clean Gundula Janowitz – Christa Ludwig – Fritz Wunderlich – Walter Berry – Wiener Singverein – Berliner Philharmonikor – Herbert Von Karajan conducting Deutsche Grammophon – 2707 030 year unkown 2 LPs Libretto Joan Sutherland - The Art Of The Prima Donna arias - $4 Cover: VG+ Vinyl: VG+ very clean a bit of dust Joan Sutherland – The Orchestra and Chorus of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden Francesco Molinari-Pradelli Conduction London ffrr Stereo OSA 1214 A4241 year unknown 2 Lps, libretto
  5. Up for sale is my very nice copy of Bonnie Raitt's The Glow on anther post... I somehow posted twice.... Too much multi tasking...busier than all get out... gave the overgrown rat, I mean Chihuaha pet / Rat Terrier a bath before the T-storms hit later sometime Thursday AM... ..
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