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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I'm looking for some advice on receivers, I'll admit my HT audio knowledge is rudimentary.. (working on fixing that ) A while back I had bought the Onkyo TX-NR646 for its Atmos compatibility, this was when I had the smaller size of Klipsch RP speakers. I've since upgraded my setup to 5.2.2 - L/R Klipsch RF 7II, center RC-64II, surround RS-62II, atmos RP-140SA and 2x SVS SB2000 subs. I realize Klipsch speakers are considered conservative as far as power is concerned, but would I notice an improvement in audio quality if I upgraded my receiver? I was considering the Denon AVR-X4200W to this end as well as being able to step up to 7.2.2 I will admit, it's hard for me to imagine these speakers sounding better. When my SO and I first listened to them they took our breath away. It truly felt like there weren't speakers in the room, rather the MOVIE was happening in the room! We're now Klipsch fans for life. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Also, I mainly use the speaker setup for movies and games.
  2. For 25 years I have loved my KG 4.5's. But, married, kids & wife was never a fan - changes happen. We purchased a new entertainment center and the speakers were just too wide. We have a new 7 channel receiver but had not hooked it up yet. It is this weekends project. I will eventually have 5.1 in living room, and a 2 channel zone for patio. I was about to get a KG2.2v center as a temporary solution ( and may still get to pair with the KF 4.5's and wherever they land ); but pulled trigger on RF 5's. They just fit on each side of entertainment center. Do I still use the KG 2.2v ( $40.00 ) until I can find a RC 7 which seems to be recommended, or I can pick up a used RC 64ii for $250 ( ask ) or RC 3 for $165 ( ask ). Any help is appreciated. If curious, I like the RF 5's, but would still prefer my old KG 4.5's. However, they were unused and I unpacked out of box, so they could need some breaking in, and I may not have the power drive to maximize them. That, combined with I am used to that 70's / 80's concert sound. But..I am very pleased with the speakers, purchase and Klipsch. They look great, wife will be happier!! I will pick up some rears or surround soon, I need to figure out wiring. With the RF 5's I acquired an RSW 12, but that is both more than I need and going to be hard to fit in the room. Will see if I can find a 8" or 10" sub that works, but it may not even be needed. I really appreciate any help. Thanks, Sean
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