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tweeter on top! time alignment baby


At last, I took off the tweeters out from the khorns tops. Volti's mid horns are really really great and work incredible with the beymas, but putting the tweeters to their sides could be bettered. This is what I have done and I am very happy about it.

From the album:

The system

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I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "time alignment".


If you mean that the voice coil of the tweeter is in the same vertical plane as the midrange driver, that is not necessarily "time alignment". And beyond that, regardless of what you do with a Klipschorn to try and achieve time alignment between the drivers, be it physical or digital signal processing, you will still not have a linear phase (phase aligned, phase coherent) system. Yeah, I know, it's not actually possible to have a perfectly phase coherent speaker even with a single driver. But with a Klipschorn it's impossible to come even close. While time alignment and phase alignment are "related", they are not the same thing. A speaker system that has it's drivers time aligned is not necessarily phase coherent.


However if you enjoy what you're hearing that's great. That's the whole point, right? Just be aware that you're not actually doing what you think you are (time alignment). There' more to time alignment than just getting the drivers in the same plane or the same physical distance from the voice coil to our ears or measuring device. And just for the record I've already been through this exercise. Fun, yes (maybe?) but futile none the less.

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Thank you for the information artto, I have wrongly named it I guess. However we have made blind tests and we can hear the difference everytime... Especially the coherence of the stage is more stable. The instruments are mroe isolated. 

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I'm sure you can hear the difference. I'm just saying is that the difference you hear is not due to the drivers being time-aligned and is surely not due to anything being more phase coherent.


There are very few speakers that are (at least reasonably) phase coherent & unfortunately most of them have limitations providing live SPL in all but the smallest rooms, limited low end response and typically beam at higher frequencies.


Once you've lived with broadband linear phase speakers for a while there's no going back. Everything else, regardless of price sounds "raspy".


As far as the Klipschorn goes, to bring out the best in them first and foremost requires a proper room and room acoustics suited to it. This is no small feat to achieve.

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Yes, I have seen your room and understand what you mean when you say its no small feat.

I had few problems with mine like harshness on the harmonics of female vocals, I guess around 12k-16k hz, boxy plasticy sounding around 1000-1500hz... Generally a little fatiguing.

Then I changed the horns for Greg's from Volti and put the 2 inch bms drivers behind it. The new tweeters are to my liking as well. Putting the basstraps on top helped a lot too! I actually had bigger ones on top and were responding better but I couldnt position tweeters with it. Now, I am building proper boxes for tweeters and will put back the bigger traps back again with them.

I have about 18 feet between speakers and now quite happy overall. I plan on adding a horn subwoofer that I am going to build. I keep on listening all the speakers I can, spend time with them if possible. I have 4 different sound systems (2 of them at the studio, active monitors from Adam, Germany and one full range horn) and my father has 2, one in a purpose built room. I very much prefer my system over all of them. After the changing of the horns, drivers and all, I actually prefered it over avant garde uno that I had a chance to listen to. 

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