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  1. That sounds curious to me. I'll have to pay attention to my vinyl playback....see if it too sounds to shrill. Though, I also have the same outcome with my Denon Wharfedale system when playing CD's. I really do find Vinyl much more soothing to my ears. Adding a tube amp down the line can only help, too. As a side note, I have found that I can listen to the Forte's at much higher volume with little ear fatigue as compaired to my acoustic suspension Wharfedales. Go figure?
  2. I have found that CD sound is starting to bother me.....seems some of the higher notes on discs are a bit like sandpaper on my ears. Took me a while to really notice but I notice it quite easily now. My Denon universal player and my Marantz 67se both sound harsh. The only unit that I've owned and felt had a warmer analog sound was a Pioneer universal player.. I decided to sell it because it didn't match my settup (shallow, huh?). It sounded very natural. I was really surprised as I had spent quite a bit more on the Denon. We get so attached to our gear and really don't hear the flaws. Anyway if y'all have found a CD player that sounds warm and doesn't have that top shrill sound I would be curious to know the model. Thanks.
  3. Took me a while to acccumulate the Luxman gear. I always had a weakness for the Luxman's look. Thank goodness they sound great too. Very well put together with high quality parts. I'll mention a little more of what I discovered about CD players later when I get back from work. The equipment is always a surprise when the sound doesn't always follow the reviewer's view.
  4. I jsut hooked up my Forte II's to my Luxman M-120a amp and C-120a preamp. This is a great combination. This duo has a great grip on the music. I'm hearing inner detail on my records I've never heard before. It will probably take a while until I get to know the full spectrum of sound with these speakers. The new course of business will be to upgrade the CD player. The Shure V15 III on the Dual turntable sounds amazing but the CD player is just not up to the task. Very poor sound quality in my opinion. Maybe look at a Cambridge Azur down the road. I also need to tighten up the bass a little so I bought spikes to replace the base on the Forte's. I will report on upgrades as I try to see what I can squeeze out of these involving speakers. That's it for now. Bob
  5. Might take a few days to get the Luxman combo hooked up but this will be great time spent with something truly enjoyable. Musical equipment has been the sweet balm to lifes harder edges for me. ....and thank goodness vinyl is still alive. Lots to do and explore. Gratitude. Bob
  6. Hello Friends, As a previous owner of KG2's, KG3's and KG4's + Heresy's I am now the proud owner of Klipsch Forte II's. I had gotten rid of the other Klipsch speakers. I have owned Wharfdale Pacific Pi 40's and still do. Nice speaker. "But" I have always been on the lookout for Quartet's or Forte's or Chorus's. Couldn't really pull the string on any, had not found any, or could not afford any I saw. So..up pops on our local Craigslist an immaculate pair of late model Forte II's. I mention to my wife that this is a pretty good deal ($425) and I could turn them over if I don't care for them. My wife says do it and I'll bankroll them.(How's that for a wife?). Picked them up and they are lovely. Clear oak. The fellow says he never even had the grills off. Just great condition. Shortening this story. I forgot how much fun Klipsch speakers are. The dynamics, clarity, vocals, etc. So happy! Well my wife says not to rush paying her back as she just loves them. Maybe it was the vibrating pictures on the wall on Chris Squire's bass notes that did it but whatever. She's a great bass lover. I'm driving them through a NAD-Harman Kardon combo right now but I have Luxman M-120a + C-120a combination in another room and am looking forward to trying that out on the Forte's. I imagine this is going to be an excellent match. Would also like to pull in the treble a little bit and tighten the midrange too. Not an emergency though. Might try spiked feet too instead of the base. I see all the Crites upgrades but really don't think I can solder well enough to try this but maybe down the road I'll seek some help on this. In the mean time I'll see what I can do with the stock form and the Luxmans. I'm just having a ball and the family, musician son and friends....all impressed royally. (By the way my son has the RF 3's...so he knows this gear). This is going to be fun! Bob
  7. Just getting back to my question. Thanks Noah and Bill. Still looking for room placement and the right setting. Seems polarity on this SW 10 makes a difference too. I'll stick to the 80hz and lower volume and see if that works. I'll move it to another spot if that doesn't work. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for a response. I never had a subwoofer before, but I think the Heresy's need one. I want it to blend so I don't get any seperation of sound and just have that nice bottom end. Trying 80Hz. What alternative could improve an easier meld - 120Hz or 60Hz. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks, Bob
  9. Hi Friends, Haven't been here in a while. I have a pair of Heresy's and I recently picked up a Klipsch SW-10 II subwoofer. What crossover settings are best? Seems it's a little annoying with a boomy sound. I was trying 80 hz and 120 hz but thinking of going lower. Anyone have any experince with these so I can have all speakers blend together nicely. I'm using a Scott 299C tube amp to drive the system. Thanks, Bob
  10. This Is facinating. I think what we have here is the engineers vs the religionists. I personally find listening to music a religous experience. There are farther out places in the human consciousness that can perceive sound without any material induction. (Later on that one.) All our experiences are stimuli. Better equipment can produce an agreed upon better sound but the experience is definitely subjective. Just ask my sisters who listened to the Beatles through 5" transistor radios. For those of us who love the music and the sound of the "Sound", well, what better than a pair of Klipsch's and a tube amp. IMHO Bob
  11. I wish I had a couple of Lascala's (: and a living room to put them in. Maybe the next house. But I can imagine you are talking about great sound. The review in one of the last Stereophile magazines had a nice couple of pages on the new Lascala's. In fact, the reviewer bought the samples. Nuf said. Bob
  12. Thanks for all the feedback on my new "old Heresy's". I really enjoy the wide open sound with these. This is something new for me. I will play around with placement though they do sound pretty good where I have them. I'm not looking for big time bass but a little more bottom roll would be nice. I don't have tubes at the moment but had them in my bunker (basement) system. Ran the Kg4's off them. Very impressivve. Amp went bad though... In my system with the Heresy's I am running a Denon home theater settup with the 2910 DVD player. I will probably look for a sub....maybe a KSW 10 or 12 and see if I like the quaulity of the bass. There is one locally for $200-KSW12. I also may bring up the KG4's and use them for rears for HT. My Kg3's actually went deeper but need more power for their kind of sound. I'm happy to be in the Heritage sound. The wait has been worth it. A more complete sound. This is fun!!
  13. Got them off craigslist in Fairfield county, Ct. They were sitting there for 4 days and the guy was only getting responses from NYC...goofy ones and some other guy didn't want to pay S&H charges. No nicks, scratches, hwo. I feel very lucky. On risers right now. Love the sound. Need oil and a going over. Then I'll look into a sub or use my KG4's as rears and play a lot of DVD-audios. (:
  14. If you only new how long I have been pursuing Heresy's and Quartet's. I found a beautiful pair of HWO Heresy's. Consecutive serial Nos. Risers too. I believe they are 1982's. Not a mark on them and they sound great. Paid $325. Thank you very much. I was immediately struck by the more defined sound compared to my KG's. I was also struck by the missing bottom end. I have a bit of rocker left in me though I listen to everything. I am "not" complaining as I new what I was getting and I am happy. But, I think I am going to have to get a sub and what the heck, I'll use them in my home theater, and I always wanted a little thump for movies (though suprisingly my KG3's went very low, nice speaker). So my question to this great forum....you guys have been excellent mentors in my musical pursuits....What is a decent sub for the Heresy's, you know, integrates nicely with out to much thump. Just nice bass. Thanks again guys.... Morton
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