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  1. Thanks Coytee, it's all good...we were expecting it and made the proper preporations. What we didn't prepare for wasw twins However, it still stinks when I want somethig "shiney" and "new".
  2. Very nice hearing from you "old timers" . The past, I would say 24 months have been a blur...I lost track of audio and what is current. I'm just now getting to blu ray, and all that crap...when my wife and I were watching something the other day, that is when I made the comment about the speakers. I would LOVE to have a Belle setup as I think they are gorgeous sparkers and very open....but the bull nose ring lead my wife pulls me around with will not allow it. Lol. I also lost my job 5 days before the twins were born, so we have had to watch our budget really close as I've not been able to find suitable replacement employment in our area for, well, almost 22 months...that'll keep the upgrades at bay...lol. Anyway, glad to see you guys!
  3. Tasdom, these are the ones I had found just by a little research, but I wanted to see what folks here have used...glad to hear you like them!
  4. Klipschhorns...NICE! The RF 3's absolutely rock as well...I have a pair that are not hooked up to anything....yet. I have some cornwalls also that are not hooked upnor are my Forte II's...21 month old twins certainly have changed my life. However, It's so funny that the electronics can come and go, butKlipsch speakers wear a hole in the carpet..LOL!
  5. The RF-7's, RC-7, and RS-7's.... It's funny that over the years everything has been replaced...but not those
  6. As I have 21 month old twins, I can't watch movies like in the past. Does anyone have experience in a wireless setup that can expand to 4 sets? Thanks!
  7. After having this set up for a little while now, I can say I am truly impressed. It does not have all of the settings my Yami has, but honestly it has all of the settings I use...nothing more and nothing less. The sound is VERY clean and ease of use is unlike any AVR 've ever owned. I can honestly say this is one very nice unit and I'm happy it's in my set up!
  8. Yeh, I've been out of the market for many years and I think that's what happens when you built a good quality system. For me to have significantly upgraded, I would have had to spend some really major bucks...so... It is amazing to read about new features, and I'm amazed at how much these have come down in price. do you use the HDMI? Currently I have this hooked up to an old RPTV (Pioneer) that give a totally awesome picture, and do not have HDMI...I'm not sure the 3600 upconverts through the component connection. I too have it amped with a 150 WPC 5 channel amp...it looks like the zone two is pretty easy to operate, and I may utilize that.
  9. No...I don't like how STOOOOPID I am...LOL! I did the auto speaker setup today and found out that a wire to the center had become disconnected....so I was getting the effects but no center channel. It's all good now and sounds just fine...still not my Yamy...but I'm very happy considering what I paid for it (I couldn't do that last night as this room back up to my 17 month old twins nursery.
  10. Well, my initial impression is that you get what you pay for. It's certainly no Yamy Z1. However, I've only spent a few hours on the setup and have not used the automatic calibration thingy yet. I'll do that today and we'll see. I thought this thing did video upscalling, but running my cable and DVD though this product actually degridaded the signal...oh well..it's a unit for a very occasional movie, an will be fine for Barney and Moose A Moose
  11. Thanks for the reply's. I guess I was wondering how people liked them. I've always heard great things about HK products, but never owned any. I really don't expect it to come close to my old Yamy, but I also can't afford to spend that kind of money these days either (17 month old twins). I bought this unit for $415 from HK direct as a factory recondition. I'll not use the internal amps, but rather an outboard 150 wpc amp. I'm glad to hear so many people like them...and by the way, with 17 month old twins the majority use this system will get nick Jr., Barnet, and wonder pets.....geeze, what happened man!
  12. Just bought one to replace my Yamaha RX-Z1... anyone with experience?
  13. I've not thought about a good dusting....well, my ADD kicked in and I bought a HK avr 3600 on eBay (factory reconditioned) from HK for $415. Man how times have changed.
  14. I've enjoyed my Yamaha RX-Z1 for a very long time. This week it has started to just turn off...Overheating? I'm not running it loud...but.. Anyway, does anyone have experience in the new Yamaha AV equipment? I'm willing to spend around $1,000 to $1,250 on a new unit, and will outboard amp it. Thanks in advance
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