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  1. Hey Ya'll, just wanted to let ya'll know, I FIXED THEM! Everything inside the amp was unhooked, so I hooked it all back up, and it works! I so **** happy! Talk to ya'll later! I think I know what an eargasm feels like... lol!
  2. Ok, some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Klipsch will take them and honor their warranty, but it has to be thirty days after the date of purchase. So I am stuck with a $125 paper weight begging to be fixed. I am already counting down the days! I'll send them out on March 10! Man Im pitiful!
  3. Man, that sucks about your computer. All you should need is the Male RCA to the Female 1/8. You would need two of the if you want all you channels. Good Luck!
  4. Well, it is official, my PM 4.1's are DOA. They do not turn on. I guess I got to send them back and wait a few weeks... What also sucks is I went ahead and blew my Creatives... Oh well, this day sucks anyways!
  5. Ok, heres what I am going to do. The school uses the PM 2.1, so Ill use its control pod, just to see if it is mine that doesnt work, if that doesnt work, Ill know it is the whole system. Ya'll dont think Klipsch will charge me for a new control pod if mine is bad, do you? Thanks!
  6. There is no On/Off switch on the sub. Unless it is invisible or I am overlooking it. The light on the control pod is not on...
  7. Please help! How do you turn them on? There are no switches or anything... No light are on... Please help me!
  8. Man, the day is alot longer when you are waiting for something. It seems I have been at school for the whole day, yet we are only in third period. I hope UPS leaves the package at my next door neighbors, instead of coming back tomorrow... I already put my Creative 6.1's aside!
  9. That'd be real cool! How much do you think they'll go for? Yeah, I was planning on picking up a SWS also, they need to come back!
  10. Does anyone know if there are any plans for a GMX-4.1? Or is Klipsch getting out of the 4.1's? BTW, My PM 4.1's should be here tomorrow! UPS has a thing about their ground shipping having to take at least three days, so my 4.1's are an hour away from my house in the UPS plant...
  11. Yeah, when I bought them they were $119, but today they changed it to $129. I checked the status of the shipment, and UPS said that there was some kind of UPS Internal Error code, or something like that. Im not sure what that means, but I hope I still get them soon. They should be here on Thursday! I bought the Creative Inspire 6.1, I know, they arent the best, but they kind of did the job (If thats what you want to call it) I like the surround sound, but they are Creative. Not bad for $30 open item at Best Buy. Probably was a store display. I was originally going to get the 2.1's, and then I saw the PM 4.1 on eBay. I got screwed out of a computer on there, so Im through with eBay. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I bought the PM 4.1's yesterday, off of ecost.com ($129) if anyone wanted to know. They are refurbished, so is there any problems I may run into in the future? I cant wait until they come in... Probably by the end of the week! Thanks!
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