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  1. I did not ask for a parts price break down. Who does? I expected the parts would be marked up a reasonable amount.
  2. ---------------- On 3/11/2005 1:32:05 PM Painful Reality wrote: In my case, the worst thing I can envision is having someone at my place to sit and discuss about audio. Just the thought of someone bringing Norah Jones, Patricia Barber, Sarah K, Holy Cole or Diana Krall (or any of this musak that 95% of the audiophiles seems to enjoy) makes me feel like jumping of a cliff. ----------------
  3. PR, I'm not sure I understand what you said about the shipping. I paid shipping both ways. It wasn't included in the job. You're right, I wasn't happy with the prices. How is someone supposed to know the prices they'll be charged beforehand? Ask??? "...exactly how bad am I going to be gouged for the parts my fisher needs?" I'm done saying anything. My point has been made. I didn't start this little argument.
  4. ---------------- On 3/11/2005 2:22:19 PM ben. wrote: If Craig is such a rip-off artist, you'd think we'd have heard about it by now from someone more credible. ---------------- Ben, feel free to price the parts from the parts list yourself. I don't know how credible someone has to be to do that? It's all there in black & white. My credibility or lack thereof, has nothing to do with the situation. 1 - NOS 6KE8 tube 14.00 9 - .1uF Russian Film & Foils 4.75 each 42.75 4 - .033 4.50 each 18.00 2 - .022 4.25 each 9.00 1 - 4A 800 Piv Bridge rectifier 4.89 1 - 24 Ohm 1watt resistor 1.00 1 - 40uF @ 500V Atom 10.89 2 - 10uF @ 250V Atom 4.99 each 9.98 1 - 25Ohm 25 watt cement power resistor 4.89 2 - 10Ohm 5Watt 1% Vishay Dale 6.60 8 - 1 watt Plate resistors 8.00 1 - 100uF @ 100V Atom 4.49 2 - 50uF @ 50V Atom 3.99 each 7.98 Parts Total 142.47 Labor 150.00 Shipping 12.00 Total 304.47
  5. ---------------- Don, this spoken from a man that actually used a pair of Dynaco 400 bridge to 400 watts a channel on his Khorn's in a 4'X4' closet. You really can be ridicules sometimes. Don really what you think means absolutely nothing to anyone around here. Craig ---------------- Craig, I can understand why you might have lashed out at me like you did. Afterall, your opportunistic business can only survive if people continue to search for that mystical, angelic, full, rich, warm tube sound ...which doesn't exist. I'm not going to run down the whole list but here's just a few examples of how I personally felt gouged by you. 6KE8 GE, MAG, RCA, S NOS $2.33---- your price $14 24 Ohm, 1 Watt Resistor 12 cents each - - - your price $1 each 25Ohm 25 watt cement power resistor $1.79 ---- your price $4.89 1 watt Plate resistors 49 cents each ---- your price $1 each Maybe your other customers are ok with those rediculous mark-ups but I wasn't. I didn't say anything here or to you because I figured I had just learned my "warm tube sound" lesson the hard way. Luckily for you, "what I think means absolutely nothing to anyone around here."
  6. ---------------- On 3/9/2005 10:47:37 PM NOSValves wrote: Don, this spoken from a man that actually used a pair of Dynaco 400 bridge to 400 watts a channel on his Khorn's in a 4'X4' closet. You really can be ridicules sometimes. Don really what you think means absolutely nothing to anyone around here. Craig ---------------- Craig that's the thing... I'm not afraid to buck the system or go against the grain. The room is 13' x 11'. The dynacos were actually 200wpc stock and I had the pair of amps bridged to 600 watts mono each. The speakers were 1979 CWs. Yes, 1200 watts to a pair of cornwalls. Sure it was overkill like everyone told me... but it was a great experiment. I found out for myself that it wasn't right... just like when I had you rebuild that 340B. That wasn't right for me either. Oh and by the way your prices are way to expensive. I've been nice and biting my tongue since that rebuild but since you wanna crap on me... there ya go. I would never send another piece of gear to you for a rebuild unless I wanted to take it in the A$$ again. Remember how you got all pi$$ed when I posted a scan of the bill in the ebay auction of the 340b? I just wanted to show bidders that it had been worked on by NOSvalves but you flipped out, called me & told me to take it down immediately. You didn't want your competition seeing that you charge $12 for a .50 resistor and so on and so forth. I know ya gotta make a living but damn... raping forum members ain't cool. But what I think "means absolutely nothing to anyone around here" so you have no worries about what I said above effecting your future sales.
  7. I dunno about you guys but when I think back on the first time I heard Klipsch heritage it was at a dealer. Pine tree audio in Scarborough Maine. The year was roughly 1984 and the model was the cornwall. I was so impressed that I vowed to own them some day. About 18 years later I got a pair! I never forgot. If it wasn't for that dealer I would have never been exposed to the klipsch heritage line. Thank god the dealer had them way back then. How many potential customers do you think Klipsch is losing out on because most dealers do not carry any of the heritage line? The heritage line of speakers are all gorgeous! Even if you've never heard of Klipsch you're gonna want to hear the Khorns, belles, lascals and heresys when you see them sitting in a dealers demo room ...because they're so beautiful. If that dealer in Maine didn't have those CWs playing that day way back in 1984 I probably wouldn't be here today. I sure as heck would own a klf-c7, a ksw-15 and a pair of klipschorns. Not to mention the CWs and the heresys I've owned and foolishly sold.
  8. haha frzn... I probably sound like a dick but it's how I feel. I feel that klipsch is backing away from the heritage line in the name of profit and it makes me a little sad. I decided on keeping the khorns. Didn't want to sell em anyway. I was able to secure the funds for a downpayment on a house without selling them.
  9. ---------------- On 3/10/2005 12:38:04 PM jpm wrote: My prediction - death of the Heritage line within 5 years if not less. Even on a special order basis. ---------------- I completely agree. My guess is that the heritage line can't be outsourced to china due to size and weight. Klipsch can't get the huge profit margins they're used to getting on all the plastic stuff they're selling these days ...so klipsch doesn't want anything to do with em anymore. PWK's rolling in his grave.
  10. colin if klipsch was pushing the heritage line with all their mite, marketing the heck out of it and the speakers still weren't selling I'd be more inclined to sign on to your idea. The fact is they appear to be doing just the opposite. I do think your idea is a good one. Klipsch should have thought of it long ago. The could offer to pay participants a small fee or give a credit toward a klipsch purchase each time the participant promoted the klipsch products.
  11. yes, I've owned 1992 heresys II's, 1979 CWs. I currently own 1979 WO khorns, an 01 KLF-C7 and an 01 KSW-15. I like klipsch but if they're giving up on the heritage line it's not my fault or problem. Also, If heritage production continues to slow and eventually stop... our used heritage speakers will be worth more.
  12. Why the heck would I want to help Klipsch sell their speakers? Heck, they don't even pre-manufacture the Khorns anymore. I understand they're made upon order. Is it my fault Klipsch is abandoning some of its heritage line and not trying very hard to sell the rest of the models??? Klipsch could sell the heritage line like crazy if they focused on it. Unfortunately, they're a bit busy counting the profits from all the outsourced klipsch speakers made in China and sold here. So, my answer would be NO.
  13. I've done some diving in my day. I found a pioneer sx1280 in the dump. The only thing wrong with it was the glass was broken... I assume from when it was dropped or thrown into the dump. The thing worked perfectly.
  14. ---------------- On 3/9/2005 7:17:42 AM fgarib wrote: ---------------- in order to get the true rich sound, You're after something that just doesn't exist. It's a fable IMO. The warm rich sound of tubes LOL! There's a reason the industry went from tubes to SS gear. You can go backwards to tubes if you want but forget about this audio awakening/nirvana that tubies keep telling you you're gonna hear. It's a myth. I've bought, used and sold over 1000 different pieces of audio gear on ebay. I've auditioned more than my share of SS and tube gear. In my search for this rich warm tube sound that tubies keep telling everyone they're missing...I had craig rebuild a scott 340b for me. I hooked it up but there were no angels singing, no warm feelings rushing into my ears, no sonic awakening when connected to my Khorns. I quickly sold it on ebay. I could have switched back to a cheap used amp and not have heard a difference. What I find comical is that when you finally do hear tubes for yourself and you're not really impressed as you've been led to believe you should be, all the tubies will say it's because of a certain component, the room size, the moon phase, oceans tide or the time of day. Sorry tubies. I don't agree tubes are any better than SS on Klipsch or any other speakers.
  15. ---------------- On 3/6/2005 11:20:22 PM gullahisland wrote: ---------------- On 3/6/2005 4:52:17 PM D0N wrote: I had a pair of the L300 summits for a while. They were very nice speakers. Quite a bit bigger than the L200B though. Those L200B's look nice. Too bad the original grill foam wastes away. ---------------- Actually...The L300 Summits are only a few inches taller and an inch or two deeper. Otherwise, they're virtually identical. The throat on the midhorn is an inch longer on the L300 and, of course, they have the 077 tweeters. ---------------- You're right. My mistake. I had the Oracle L220's. I've had so many speakers I forget! http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/jbl/specs/home-speakers/1979-l220/L220_p1.jpg
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