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  1. Hey there, Been out of commission from this forum for a while, but I keep coming back when I need help. I recently bought a Pro-ject Audio Experience TT, factory fitted with the Ortofon Salsa high output MC cart. After many hours of listening, I realized that I really didn't enjoy that cart as much as (gasp!) my cheaper Shure Mx97e, which i just adore. However, I think, while replacing the cartridge, I think that I may have yanked one of the headshell wires too hard or something, as when I finally spun an LP on it, I get a loose connection in the left speaker. As in, sometimes music plays "fully" and sometimes there's a crackly sound from it. I'm wondering a) If it's possible to replace just the wires in the headshell, or do I have to go through the entire tonearm? This is their Carbon tonearm, with a little screw at the bottom of tonearm that seems to connect the headshell to the 'arm. Any ideas? -Fauzi
  2. Wayne, You're absolutely right on both counts. Shawn is one helpful guy! From what I've seen, he has gone out of his way to take the time out to help out us less fortunate ones... He was the one responsible for the many many hours that I spent (continue to spend, actually) enjoying my Lexicon MC-8 each month. And you're also right that the Lex is one amazing machine. Your comment about Yamaha... Yes, it is THAT much better. I have yet to try all the setting in there, and I am further still from understanding the ones that I have tried. But it has been an amazing learning experience, and, I can safely say, my one audio purchase that has made the most significant difference in my system. Glad you like it... Be prepared to spend hours and hours tweaking! Good luck. Fauzi PS: Do sign yourself up at www.smr-forums.com... It's an awesome forum for Lex owners and can be quite active at times...
  3. Hey! Thanks a lot for posting this up, indyklipsch! All this time, I've been thinking that the sides in a 7.1 setup should be slightly ahead of the seating position, off to the sides. I love the way it sounds with the speakers ahead, when in the dolby site it says that they should be slightly behind the seating position. Is it just a matter of individual preference, or am I going against how most dvd's are mixed? Any tips? Fauzi
  4. Cal! Hope you're enjoying the screen, man! Just wanted to bump this thread back up. I finally got my screen too... I got the Contour Electrol, 119", High Contrast Cinema Vision Tab Tensioned screen... tried pulling out all the stops, and got an amazing deal. However, it's been installed for about a week and a half, and the smell just refuses to go away. It's almost as strong today as it was the first day that it was installed. Since my HT is in the basement, it's much much tougher to get the darn thing out... Have you encountered this yet? It's giving me a headache like I've never had, and my wife is giving me the "I told you so" look! Let me know what you did if you did run into this problem! Thanks, man... I'll try posting some pics up once the room is a little more photogenic. Regards, Fauzi
  5. Cal, Hmmmm... interesting. The only reason that I'm having to go Tensioned (god frignibitick it Q@!#!@#!) is because I need to have a motorized screen there... and from what I've read, unless you have a tensioned screen, the up and down really starts putting a strain on the fabric. Plus, it does stay flatter... and it looks waaaay cool... Congratulations are a liiiittle premature as I have yet to place the order... but the good thing is that it's lying with the dealer in stock and all I have to do is finalize the price and pick it up! Hey, from your research, you think that fabric is good for the LCD Panny? -Fauzi
  6. Cal, I'm so glad to read your post about Dalite, because I'm in teh process of negotiating for a Motororized, High Contrast Cinema Vision, 119" (drooooool), tab-tensioned Dalite (16:9)... very similar to yours, only motorized (because of WAF!!!) and High Contrast Cinema Vision, rather than Pearlescent... Dude, is tab-tensioned a) really worth it and really that much pricier? There's a difference of almost a thousand bucks... Of course, this could be cause I'm in Pakistan, and things are just never normal here. Help out, man... I really appreciate it. And once again, congrast on the screen. BTW, I'm going to be using it with a new Panasonic AE900... Thanks, Fauzi
  7. Hello all, An uncle of mine just gifted an old TT that he said still plays. It's HUGE, quite sturdy looking, and still plays. It has the Pioneer badge on the wooden base and he said that it's from the early 80's. Couldn't see any model number, and didn't have time to take pics.. Promise to get both of them soon. Any idea about Pioneer TT's? The sound is quite a bit short of remarkable, but that could be because of the cartridge. I plugged in my favorite LP (Roger Waters - The Pros and Cons of Hitchhinking) and it just sounded "muddy". I wonder if it's worth trying to improve it or would that be a waste of time. Also, I'm new to TT's, so let me know if there is any specifc parts that you need photographed to be able to give advice. Thanks, Fauzi
  8. Sorry folks.. didn't have time to put up pics... but tonight hopefully. Meantime, I'm kind of torn between getting a Dalite Tab Tensioned (just because it's supposed to be better) and a non Tab-Tensioned (just because that's all I can afford!) Any experience with how much of a difference the Tension makes? The price difference is significant.. almost $1,500 in the same size screen. Help out folks... I'd appreciate it! Thanks, Fauzi
  9. Hello all, After just over two years of researching, picking fourm members' brains, looking for good deals, spending money, wondering if I did the right thing, listening to my wife's complaints... I'm finally jumping in and finalizing my HT room. I contemplated building a separate dedicated room for this... however, ideal though the idea was, it was just not practical at all. So it's come down now to sharing our drawing / living room with with projector, 96 or 100 inch screen and tons of equipment... all of which have to be hidden. A few specs on the room, and then I wanted to ask a few questions. The room is actually a very loooong room, 12' x 30', with the short wall actually having a recessed "niche" along the entire wall. In other words, where the room ends, the 12' wall actually extends beyond the end of the room, and kind of becomes a "stage" that is 3' above the floor and 3' deep. So it lends itself beautifully to placing a screen in that niche. If only my wife would see it that way! I'll take some pics later on tonight and try to attach them to this post. So far, I have decided on the following equipment (some yet to be purchased.) - Processor: Lexicon MC-8 - Amps: 5 channel Rotel (surrounds) 2 channel NAD (mains - going to be upgraded sometime soon.. do I hear Bryston?) - Speakers: Fronts: Klipsch KG 2.0 Sides: Klipsch RS-25 / 35 (yet to be puchased) Center: RC-3 Rears: Kef surrounds (Don't remember the model) Sub: Rel Stampede III Projector: Panasonic AE-900 Screen: 96' or 100' Dalite Brilliant White motorized I plan on putting the fronts and center on the front of the "stage" floor. My questions: (Now for the crux of the matter!) a) My room is extremely "bright." The walls are concrete and the floor is marble. Aside from dispersion / diffusers and other room correction stuff, is there anything that is hgiher in WAF that you can think of? Of course there are sofas and other seats in that room... but other than that. The small KEF speakers are to be mounted towards the back of the room... almost 30' from the screen. Keeping that and the room size in mind, do you think the above equipment will be able to do the room justice? I mean, will it fill up the room? c) I know that corners are the best for sub placement, usually. However, the way the room is going to be set up, that might not be possible. So the only reasonable place that i can think of will be under the rear speakers, behind a sofa. Since this is a downward firing woofer, and it'll be non carpeted under it, the effect should still be there. Any views? d) I plan on ceiling mounting my projector inside a wooden designed enclosure. In that enclosure, I plan on having a UPS for the projector also. Any suggestions on a UPS? Or will a regular computer UPS suffice? Any tips and suggestions will be highly appreciated as this has been a labor of love many years in the making. I'm sure I'll keep this thread alive with the amount of questions that I have! Will keep posting pics if people are interested. Regards, Fauzi
  10. Chris, Hey!! Thanks for the reply. I don't expect it to be a step up from the KHorns at all... In fact, the reason I'm doing this is because I'm shifting the KHorns to a dedicated Theater / Listening room, with my (LOVELY!) Lexicon Pre pro, and a nice power amp (to be purchased.. I really loved them with the Mac, but I want to go separates with them for sure, so with a separate listening room, I think, for the first time since I've had them, I'll be doing my Khorns justice. I've been headed that way anyway... I've recently upgraded them with DeanG's crossovers, and got them really nicely repaired from the outside... And the way they sound now in my (extremely) bright living room... Well, a dedicated room is the only way to go. Once they shift, however, I'll be left with a living room with a speakerless McIntosh SS Integrated 6400. So back to my question: Will this amp drive the 7 series confidently enough? It's a 100 watts of very clean power, which is what has been feeding my KHorns to date... But since they're such efficient speakers, I can't help but wonder how the B&W's will take to them. Thanks for the link... will check it out. Anyone else with experience running the 7 series with Mac SS? Fauzi
  11. Hey there, I have just recently started seriously considering buying a pair of B&W 703's brand new after hearing a couple pairs of B&W speakers at friends' places. It's an amazing sound, and crisp and clean, unlike many other speakers that I've heard. So now that I'm shifting my Khorns and KG's into a dedicated home theater, I need to start investing into a nice 2 channel system. My integrated McIntosh MA6400 that used to power my KHorns is left over and I was wondering if they would be a good pairing with the B&W's. Anyone have any experience with combining the two? My initial thoughts are that it might end up being a KILLER combo... but would the mac be too underpowered for the speakers? Are they really power hungry? Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated. Regards, Fauzi
  12. Ping, Shawn!! You have a PM!! -Fauzi
  13. Hi there, A pair of Carver Silver 7T's, apparently in pristene condition is up for sale here in Pakistan for the equivalent of about $900. I tried looking this particular amp up on the net for reviews just to get a feel for them, but was surprisingly not able to get any sort of consensus, aside from the fact that they're ugly mothers. Any experience on this forum with these amps? Was planning on running KG's with them, but might eventually run them on JM Labs Electras that I'm planning on buying. This is the non tubed version, btw... monoblocks. 575 watts each. Beasts, apparently. Please help with views, as time is short. Thanks guys, Fauzi
  14. Scooterdog!! I second your Avia recommendation! Avia Rocks! I wrote kind of a review on it in my post titled, eerrrrr... "Avia Rocks!!" Fauzi
  15. tychicum / Dr. Who, Forgive my ignorance, but I'm still learning about subs, as I just installed a brand new REL Stampede in my setup and am working REAL hard to get it going Why would you want to set the crossover on the sub to be 40? Aren't you better off controlling the crossover of *ALL* the speakers from the receiver and setting the x-over on your sub to be the highest setting? Otherwise, aren't you setting yourself up for cascading crossovers, where the receiver and the sub itself will confuse each other about where exactly to split the highs and the lows? I don't have much experience with the KSW line, but my REL is set at 110 Hz, and is tapped into the same signal as my mains, as well as a separate LFE connection. And my Lexicon pre/pro crosses the surrounds off at 100 and the fronts and sides off at 80. Therefore, the signal below 100 is sent from the rears to the sides, and below 80 is sent to the sub. All this while, since the sub is connnected inline as well, the sub is catching all the signals from the main below 110 Hz. Since the KG Bookshelves that I have can't go that low anyway, I find that, since the sub is tapping into the same signal as the KG's, the match is just wonderful. My point is that if had set the crossovers on the sub any lower, wouldn't that create tremendous confusion in frequencies? Or have I missed something? Entirely possible! [] Fauzi
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